Tip of the hat

Volunteering at one of the kids’ games for the Air Guard Family Day, so many parents instructed each of their children to thank me for assisting them and/or prizes. What a blessing these parents are, giving these children such thoughtful manners. You are each very welcome, and thank you for enriching my life, too, as a volunteer and for your services for our country!

A big thank you to all the cars and trucks who pulled to the side of the road (Indiana 930) honoring our grandson’s funeral procession! As he served in the Marines (Reserve) and also as a fireman, it was a very long procession. Also, there was a little girl who stood in her yard saluting the procession. It was very touching! God bless each and everyone one of you, and God bless America!

We want to thank the kind gentlemen who paid for our haircut back around May 16. Wish we could have thanked you in person! Greatly appreciated. It was at the Chapel Ridge Great Clips. <br>

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