We don’t need a tax riverfront increase

Let’s consider other means for riverfront than taxing without representation.

Regarding the possible Allen County income tax increase to pay for riverfront development, I believe that this project can be financed by different means. I like the project idea, but believe that a tax increase imposed by 74 percent of the population represented by Fort Wayne City Council upon the additional 26 percent of Allen County almost amounts to taxation without representation. If we remember from history, this is what lead to the Boston Tea Party and our Revolutionary War for Independence from Britain.

Riverfront development could be paid for with different monies. Let the sale of development bonds fund the possibly profitable endeavor. But let the bond investors both shoulder the possible risks and get the possible rewards of bond repayment from future tax revenues that should increase over time with no rate increase. Otherwise, maybe a tax increment finance district would be appropriate. Or maybe let the State of Indiana Representatives and Senators pass legislation to let municipalities pass income taxes within city limits without having to tax the whole county in which they sit.

One in four of us in Allen County is a large number who – even if Allen County Council voted unanimously against a local county tax rate increase – would still be taxed at a higher rate. I think we can do better. <br>

<i> Daniel Miller

Huntertown </i><br>

<center> Jehovah’s Witnesses should have permits </center><br>

I am writing a letter to say that the Jehovah’s Witnesses need to be made to purchase a permit to assemble.

Everywhere you go, they are there, they’re downright rude. You walk past them, and you hear excuse me, excuse me, and then they either walk up to you and as they call it “Sharing a scripture with you, then that is followed by a lecture that lasts anywhere from 5 minutes clear up to an hour if you don’t stop them.

Hey, look, I have a mother who was a Jehovah’s Witness. I have all the respect in the world, with that exception.

We have jobs to go to, children to take to school. They are slowing us up, and they are taking advantage of our time as citizens. I call on the Mayor Henrys administration to enact these permits, which must be renewed at each place where they will be preaching, no different then selling lemonade at a roadside stand. You have to have a permit for that, because they accept donations, they should not be an exception. <br>

<i> Charles A. Sizemore Simmers </i>