Warsaw cafe an eggcellent place to take your brood

One thing I’ve tried to instill in my kids is that you should never take the interstate and you must dine at unique, one-of-kind restaurants. On a sunny Saturday, I continued that mission by gathering my flock and flying the coop to visit Creighton’s Crazy Egg Cafe in Warsaw.

This poultry-inspired eatery resides in a recycled building from the Creighton Brothers farm. Begun in 1925 and known as part of the “egg Basket of the Midwest,” this Kosciusko County farm has grown to accommodate 3 million laying hens on 9,000 acres.

Creighton’s (where they believe a chicken should be allowed to cross the road without having its motives questioned) makes you feel right at home when you walk up to the porch. You might see a father and son playing a leisurely game of cornhole. As you enter the restaurant, there’s a tractor and an egg-shaped chair that make a perfect place for a photo-op (and, of course, my daughter took advantage of the opportunity).

A large grain silo has been transformed into the restaurant’s office. While you wait, you can have a seat in front of the fireplace.

Oozing with rooster and hen country charm with several egg signs and photos adorning the walls, an accent wall of barn siding and light fixtures fashioned from egg baskets complete the farmy decor.

Despite the crowd, we didn’t have a long wait. We were seated at a table with sunny yellow and eggshell colored metal chairs. A peg game on every table helps keep your brood occupied. A large rectangular seating area is available for large groups or affords the chance to make a new friend. Creighton’s iced chai latte had subtle chai tea flavor and was on the sweet side. I ordered a large drink, but it was so large that I wished I had ordered the smaller size. I appreciated the to-go cups on the coffee drinks. My daughter tried the iced salted caramel mocha. It was very smooth and left had a lingering salty taste that was delicious.

I’ve had many variations of eggs Benedict, but Creighton’s Crazy Egg’s has its own twist.

Served on a cheesy biscuit, slices of hard-cooked eggs are topped with two meaty strips of bacon and smothered in a bacon gravy.

That gravy was wickedly good. Since this meal, I’ve thought about that bacon gravy and how wonderful is was.

I almost ordered the crazy egg scrambler with bacon gravy; I was happy my friend ordered it.

The potatoes, which were nicely browned with a little crust, were the highlight of a tasty combination. The flavors of the scrambled eggs, cheese, bacon bits and bacon gravy blended together well.

Creighton’s Denver omelet had the ideal light and fluffy egg texture. There was good distribution of red and green bell peppers, chunks of ham and onions.

I enjoyed that taste of the biscuit cinnamon roll, but I wasn’t keen on the texture.

I’ve had yeast rolls for so long that the biscuit texture was confusing to the palate. I liked the thin icing on top.

No trip to Creighton’s Crazy Egg is complete without visiting the gift shop.

You’ll find several poultry-related items. Among other purchases, I indulged myself in several chicken-shaped pencils.

We had excellent food and friendly, speedy service and felt we were treated as family. No matter the weather, you’ll leave Creighton’s feeling sunny side up.

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<center> Creighton’s Crazy Egg Cafe </center><br>

Where: 4217 W, Old Road 30, Warsaw

HOURS: Cafe: 7 a.m.-2 p.m. Monday-Saturday; Coffee bar: 7 a.m.-6 p.m.

PHONE: 1-574-267-3549

WEBSITE: www.crazyegg.info

FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/crazyeggcafe <br>

<center> Menu sampler </center><br>

* Brownies: $2.50

* Iced chai latte, large: $3.95

* Iced salted caramel mocha: $4.85

* Blue Ribbon farm plate: $3.99

* Biscuit cinnamon roll: $4.50

* Denver omelet: $5.49

* Crazy egg waffich: $6.99

* Crazy Egg scrambler: $6.99

* Eggs &#38; Bacon Benedict: $7.29

* Barn dance BLT: $8.49

* Turkey in the straw: $8.19


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