County sewer district offers loans for connection costs

Some homeowners served by the Allen County Regional Sewer and Water District may now qualify for help with connection costs.

The County Commissioners Friday agreed to provide $50,000 over five years for the loan program, matching a previous commitment by the district, which was created in 1979 to provide sanitary sewer service to mostly rural areas served by often-malfunctioning septic systems. Connection can be mandatory once a majority of property owners in a given area request service.

The district has more than 4,000 customers, but because most of its service area is sparsely populated, costs can be high. Under the new program, loans of up to $2,500 can be obtained by homeowners who meet requirements and are selected by district officials. Eligible costs include the decommissioning and removal of septic tanks, connection, permit fees, electrical work.

Determination of an applicant’s eligibility will be determined within 60 days. Participating homes must be owner-occupied, and a lien can be attached to the property for non-payment. For more information, contact the district at 427-2696.