Traffic routes detailed for tonight’s Luke Bryan concert

by Sheryl Krieg of The News-Sentinel

Thursday, October 05, 2017 08:29 am

The Allen County Sheriff’s Department issued a traffic advisory for the Luke Bryan concert taking place tonight at 14317 E. Tillman Road. The only way in and out of the concert is via Tillman Road.

From the west, concertgoers may take two routes to enter the concert:

U.S. 30 eastbound to Franke Road southbound to Tillman Road eastbound.

Tillman Road from I-469 directly to event.

From the east, concertgoers may take U.S. 30 westbound to Webster Road southbound to Tillman Road westbound.

When leaving the concert, vehicles may take Tillman Road westbound to I-469.

When leaving the concert, eastbound exiting vehicles may take Tillman Road to Webster Road northbound to U.S. 30 eastbound.

The sheriff’s department also said vehicles may be permitted to turn north or south onto Webster Road. All northbound vehicles on Webster Road must turn right onto U.S. 30 eastbound.