Fort Wayne Makes List as Top 10 Hipster Market

Brandon Ford (left) and his father Larry Ford entertain the crowd using recycled materials and garbage bins in 2013 at at BuskerFest.
A golden living statue stands in silence, much to the marvel of her young fans at the fourth annual BuskerFest. For a small tip, the golden woman came to life, twirling her umbrella in appreciation.

A new list is out (the internet is just full of them), and this one ranks the top 10 hipster markets in America. Fort Wayne came in fourth, with Columbus, Ohio, earning the top spot.

The report, compiled by Yelp and, reads as such: “Can’t live without your artisanal coffee, avocado toast or an indie record store? Columbus is the place for you, according to a new data collaboration from … and Yelp. … The … Hottest Hipster Markets in America list identifies the most in-demand housing markets in the U.S. with the highest concentrations of “hipster” businesses for home buyers looking to embrace indie culture.

In rank order, the Hottest Hipster Markets in America are Columbus, Seattle, San Diego, Fort Wayne, Rochester, N.Y., San Francisco, Long Beach, Calif., Louisville, Ky., Grand Rapids, Mich. and Colorado Springs, Colo.

According to the report, Fort Wayne’s draw is that the city “offers fun traditions like BuskerFest, an annual celebration of street performers. Fort Wayne adjusted to the shrinking manufacturing industry faster than its Rust Belt counterparts and today has a strong economy with a lower unemployment rate than other cities in the area.”

It lists the “Hipster hotspot as Junk Ditch Brewing Co. Millennials make up nearly 20 percent of Fort Wayne’s population.

For Columbus, just a few hours from Fort Wayne, the draw is art, music, theater, museums, and culture, in addition to being home to Ohio State University. In addition, after New York and Los Angeles, Columbus is home to more fashion designers than any other U.S. metro area, with a pipeline of young design talent coming from the Columbus College of Art & Design.