Beware, drinkers: Fort Wayne Police just got 75 new breath analyzers

The Fort Wayne Police Department is receiving new Alco-Sensor FST that can sniff the air around a person or open container to test for alcohol levels. (Photo courtesy of Alco Pro)

The Fort Wayne Police department is receiving 75 portable breath tests from 1,758 distributed to 150 local law-enforcement agencies across Indiana. The analyzers were purchased with just over $750,000 in National Highway Traffic Safety Administration impaired-driving funds administered by the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute, according to an institute news release.

Law-enforcement officers are receiving the new Alco-Sensor FSTs, mouthpieces and gas canisters used to calibrate the readings. The new devices include passive sniffers that can sense alcohol in the air around a person or an open container. In the coming year, another $310,000 is budgeted to buy 725 devices for Indiana State Police posts.

Indiana’s blood-alcohol limit for driving is 0.08.