Top 5 costume trends for Halloween, courtesy of Fort Wayne’s Stoner’s Funstore

Superheroes continue to be a popular costume choice. (Photo by Lisa M. Esquivel Long of The News-Sentinel)
Mouth Mover masks, top row, for sale at Stoner's Funstore, 712 Harrison St., move with your mandible. (Photo by Lisa M. Esquivel Long of The News-Sentinel)
De Stoner says Stoner's Funstore has more than 20,000 costumes to rent. (Photo by Lisa M. Esquivel Long of The News-Sentinel)
Need a gash for your zombie look? Try these wound transfers that go on with water. (Photo by Lisa M. Esquivel Long of The News-Sentinel)
Wigs can really transform a look. Some can be styled with a curling iron. (Photo by Lisa M. Esquivel Long of The News-Sentinel)
Kevin Stoner shows the line of Ben Nye makeup that can add a bit of shimmer to your look. (Photo by Lisa M. Esquivel Long of The News-Sentinel)
Pennywise 2017 is just as popular as the 1990 "It" version of the killer clown, said Kevin Stoner of Stoner's Funstore. (Photo by Lisa M. Esquivel Long of The News-Sentinel)

Times have changed since the Halloween plastic masks with an elastic band stapled to them. A whole variety of options exist for goblins looking for a spooktacular appearance. Stoner’s Funstore, 712 Harrison St., known for “funny goofy crap” has a large variety of options.

“We have dressing rooms that’s the main thing … We encourage them to go in and make sure it fits properly.”

Superheroes are always popular and Stoner’s has a Superman cape for those going low-key on their costume. “All the classic superheroes — anywhere from Superman, to Iron Man to Spider-Man — Batman is always a classic. That and ‘Star Wars’ are a very big deal. Darth Vader in particular.”

Chewbacca from “Star Wars” is always popular, too.

Want to go in the image of a strong woman? You can choose from Wonder Woman, Batgirl or Supergirl in the superheroes genre. Not really feeling like you want to embody femininity? “I’ve had a lot of women do the dragon wings (from ‘Game of Thrones’). ‘I don’t want to go as a fairy princess.'”

With a 5-foot wing span, the red or green wings come with double-sided big straps and are made from wire and flexible rubber. There’s a tail in each color too with a waistband. “As you move, they move,” he said. Medieval Fantasy Red Demon Dragon Wings cost $59.95.

Aside from dressing up, customers at Halloweentime are also interested in collectibles. Mugs, bags and tins carry images from “Star Wars,” “Star Trek,” the Beatles, “Dr. Who,” Marilyn Monroe and more.

Stoner’s is open an extra hour weekdays and on Sunday during the Halloween season: 10 a.m.-8 p.m. Monday-Friday, 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Saturday and 1-4 p.m. Sunday.

Want to explore what’s out there? Stoner’s has these options:

1. Costume rentals. For those wanting to make a big impression, Stoner’s has 20,000-plus options in costume rentals. It supplies year-round to school and theater productions in northeast Indiana, Ohio, Michigan and Illinois and seasonal when the Easter bunny needs to come to town. Gorillas, Elvis and pirates are the most popular at Halloweentime, said De Stoner, owner with her husband, Dick. Customers can look through six themed books for costumes that are medieval, ethnic, animal and more. When making a rental, be sure to come in at least an hour before closing time for a fitting to see if any alterations need to be made for later pickup. The cheapest is the Prisoner for $25; prices average about $45.

2. Makeup. “Anything from horror, to kind of pretty,” said Kevin Stoner, Dick and De’s son. The dry powder line from Ben Nye, a Hollywood makeup man from the 1930s to 1980s, can give you the shimmer of a metallic look of your favorite superhero or a chance to gleam as a witch. The cream product can give a shimmer over other makeup for a shiny silverly vampire cheek. It comes off with soap and water. The 8-gram, about 1/3-ounce, Ben Nye Lumiere Luxe Shimmer Powders sell for $12 each and go a long way, Stoner said. Nye also has a product that appears to be blood. He recommends “Thick Blood.” “That’s coagulated so you can actually drop it right into the ‘wound’ with a toothpick and it will stay in place.”

3. Masks: Want to wear a mask and have it appear to talk when you do? The Mouth Mover masks are mostly furry creations – a fox, white tiger, pug and Beast from “Beauty and the Beast” among them – that go over your head with the mouth moving when yours does. “Even smaller kids like them and can operate them,” Stoner said. Beast $69.95. Supersoft masks are latex visages that go over your head, have wigs attached and carry wrinkles for the Old Man and Old Woman characters. They move with your facial muscles and allow you eat with them on. Old Man, $59.95. Not sure if you want to be Pennywise from 2017 or 1990 “It”? You can choose either of the killer clowns. “It’s been about half and half” for sales, Stoner said. 2017 Pennywise, $59.95.

4. Wigs: The Fever Wig Collection selections at Stoner’s give you choices from natural-looking long blond locks for your fairy princess outfit to a neon green bob for a more dark intentions look. You can use a curling iron on them. $39.95.

5. Prosthetics: Need a little slash in your skin, or three? Tinsley’s Hollywood Quality Film FX Transfers give you that lovely appearance of having stitches or a nice branding. Thinking of going as a zombie? Try the tearaway cheek with teeth. They go on with water. “They look and feel like real skin,” Stoner said. $10-$13.