‘Friend’ drives off with Fort Wayne couple’s new $349 Samsung TV and cigarettes from Walmart

A "friend" drove off with a Fort Wayne couple's new black Samsung TV, a man reported to Fort Wayne Police. (Courtesy photo)

A man told Fort Wayne Police that his girlfriend’s friend drove off with his new TV and two cartons of cigarettes early Saturday morning.

The man told police that he, his girlfriend and her friend all got liquor at a liquor store and then went to Walmart, 5311 Coldwater Road, where he bought a large black Samsung TV for $349 and two cartons of cigarettes valued at $20, according to a police report.

The man said they loaded the TV and cigarettes into the friend’s silver Pontiac when the friend, who was in the driver’ seat, pulled out a handgun from the center console and told the couple to get out of the vehicle. She then drove off with the TV and cigarettes, according to the report.

The man said he found someone to drive him and his girlfriend home, where he got on his moped and went to a home at Reed and Grier streets where he believed the friend was living. However, when he knocked on the door a female occupant came out and began yelling at him, so he called police.

Police found the silver Pontiac parked in front of the house, but the female occupant of the home told police she told him she had no idea who it was he was seeking and that she was not there and he needed to leave.

Police told the man to contact them when he had more details about the friend’s identity.