Shawnee Middle School student allegedly choked in class until he passed out, Fort Wayne Police told

A Shawnee Middle School student was taken into police custody Thursday after allegedly choking a student sitting in front of him until the other boy passed out in class, fell out of his seat and struck his head on the floor.

A Fort Wayne Police officer was working part time at Shawnee, 1000 E. Cook Road, when a report came over the radio at 12:20 p.m. Thursday that a juvenile had “passed out” in a classroom, according to a police report.

Administrators and the officer found the alleged victim in the hallway. The boy said the incident occurred in a class moderated by a substitute teacher during a movie with the lights out. The boy who sits directly behind the victim in class reportedly started pulling the victim’s sweat shirt hood “tighter and tighter,” according to a police report.

The victim reportedly said he told the other boy, “I can still breathe, I can still breathe,” and “the next thing he knew he had woke(n) up on the floor,” according to the report.

The other boy allegedly admitted to pulling on the hoodie and that the victim had passed out. Another student who witnessed the incident had allegedly told the aggressor to stop “because it was going too far.”

The victim had red marks and bloody neck lesions around his entire neck area, and redness on the left side of his head, the officer reported. He complained of pain to his neck and the left side of his head where he had struck the floor after he passed out. The school nurse reportedly was concerned the victim might have a concussion and contacted the victim’s mother.

The victim’s mother said her son reportedly has been bullied throughout the school year and that he allegedly had told her the attacker had bullied him before, according to the report. The victim was upset at reporting the incident because of fear of further bullying. His mother was taking him to a hospital emergency room, according to the report.

The alleged aggressor was placed into double handcuffs and taken to the Allen County Juvenile Center.

The Fort Wayne Community Schools district’s code of conduct deals with physical aggression and battery, said spokeswoman Krista Stockman, who couldn’t speak about the specific case because of confidentiality issues. If a student has been physically aggressive or caused serious injury to another student, the alleged attacker could face anything from extended suspension to expulsion, she said. Cases of bullying, which includes intimidation, cyber bullying and threats, would be resolved with anything from support to the student to expulsion.