Gunman’s tap on vehicle window followed by robbery, Fort Wayne Police say

A man said a gunman drove off in his gray 2010 BMW 528i, similar to this one, with South Carolina license plates, according to Fort Wayne Police. (Courtesy photo)

A driver in a carport in Canterbury Green Apartments was robbed of his vehicle and other items by a window-tapping gunman, according to Fort Wayne Police.

Police were called at 6:03 p.m. Monday to the 2600 block of Northgate Boulevard on a call about a reported armed robbery.

A man said he pulled into a carport and was approached on the driver’s side by a male gunman. The gunman tapped on the window with the gun and said “open the door,” according to a police report.

The victim complied, and the gunman pulled him out of the vehicle and started searching his pockets. The gunman took the victim’s cellphone and told him to step away from the vehicle. The gunman sat down in the driver’s seat and drove off in the gray 2010 BMW 528i with South Carolina license plates, according to the report.

The gunman also took a laptop and bag, a wallet with credit cards, a driver’s license and $20 in cash, according to the report.