BBB TIPS: Watch out for radio advertising scams

Small businesses being targeted with fake sponsorship opportunity – A concerned business owner reported having received a call from a local, well-known radio station purportedly selling advertising sponsorships. The caller alleged that proceeds were to help to find missing children.

Various amounts of airtime were offered in 30-second, 1-hour, and 2-hour increments up to $150. He was told his credit card would not be processed for 60 days.

The businessman became suspicious when he asked for a callback number and the caller would not provide it. Instead, she gave him the radio station’s address. He contacted the radio station and was told the caller was not their representative and the radio station does not do telemarketing.

The business owner reported she sounded legit and he was ready to give her his credit card information. That’s when he alerted BBB so that the word about this scam could be spread to other business owners in northern Indiana.

If you have information such as this to report, call BBB. Help us get the word out to make others aware.