Man reports to Fort Wayne Police that he was chased with whip

A man upset with a maintenance worker being near his hotel room chased the victim with some sort of “black whip like item,” Fort Wayne Police Department was told.

The incident was reported to police at 11 a.m. Wednesday as a man chasing another around the parking lot of a hotel in the 2900 block of Goshen Road. The man who called police said the attacker “went out to his trunk and told him he had something for him,” according to a police report.

The victim walked away to avoid trouble, he said, but the attacker began chasing him with what looked like a whip. The attacker then stopped and went back into the room, where he lives.

The suspect, who said he is on parole, did not want to talk to police; he was told to stay away from the victim, according to the report.