billy_dakidd lives up to his name in Fort Wayne theft

A man told Fort Wayne Police that someone with a social media account called billy_dakidd was involved in stealing a television he was offering for sale through the letgo app.

The victim told police Tuesday afternoon that he was contacted about the television and agreed to meet in the 5400 block of Lois Lane, according to a police report.

Two people arrived and went into the home, where three others were with the victim. The duo both then pulled out guns and demanded the TV. The victim immediately took out his cell phone and began to call 911. The duo took the TV and ran out the door.

The thieves left in a dark blue vehicle, possibly an older model Jeep Cherokee.

The TV was worth about $300, according to the report. The only form of contact information that he had about the suspect was his Snapchat photo and messaging account, billy_dakidd.