Robber puts gun to Fort Wayne liquor store clerk’s head, police told

A robber put a gun to a Belmont Beverage liquor store clerk’s head while an accomplice distracted another employee Wednesday night, Fort Wayne Police were told.

Police officers were called at 10:21 p.m. to the store at 1414 E. Tillman Road on a report of a strong-armed robbery.

According to a police report, the following occurred:

An employee said she was helping a customer on the east end of the store to find something he wanted. She then heard a fellow employee scream at the front register area. She saw a male behind the counter on top of the employee so she grabbed the store’s phone and ran to an area where she called police.

The register clerk said she saw a black male who was wearing a black jacket and a black hat with a strap under his chin enter the store. He immediately jumped the front counter where she was standing and pushed her down into the office area. She saw a black handgun in the attacker’s hand, which he then put to her head and said, “Open the register!” The clerk complied and fell into a fetal position. The thief pulled out the cash drawer.

She then heard another male say, “Come on, man, let’s go!” and the gunman moved over to the next register and told her to open it too. She opened the register and got back on the floor. The thief took the cash drawer out and began taking cartons of cigarettes before running out the front door.

The gunman fled in a full size van that had been parked to the south of the front doors in front of the building and had left by driving around the store.

A witness outside said she had just pulled into a parking spot near the front doors when she saw a man quickly jump the front counter. She got scared and drove off to call police.

Store video showed another man who was wearing a blue-and-black coat enter the store first. He walked around the store quickly before asking for help from the first employee. A short time later a black male wearing a black hoodie, gray shirt and blue jeans was seen entering the store. He is seen jumping the counter with a black handgun in his right hand, which he pointed at the employee’s head at the register. He then begins rummaging the registers and taking cartons of cigarettes before heading toward the exit, dropping several cartons of cigarettes in front of the doors along with the handgun. He later runs out through the front doors.

The video also shows the other man taking several items before leaving the store through the front doors.