Chuck Surack’s Sweet Aviation acquires Cirrus Vision SF50, one of 25 made

Sweet Aviation has acquired a Cirrus Vision SF50 jet for its fleet. (Photo courtesy of Sweet Aviation)

Sweet Aviation, owned by Chuck Surack, founder of Sweetwater, has acquired a rare jet that it hopes eventually to use for charters.

The Cirrus Vision SF50 is one of 25 made and will be used by Sweet Aviation for training and rentals. Once the Smith Field-based flight training, aircraft rental, and aircraft maintenance company located at Smith Field gets full FAA certification, it will make the jet available for charters.

“What makes this news, in our opinion, is that there just aren’t very many of these out there in the public yet,” wrote Jake Pickett, Sweetwater marketing manager, in an email.

“The ‘Vision Jet,’ as it’s called,” according to a news release, “is the ‘world’s first single-engine personal jet,’ according to Cirrus.”

The jet’s cost is listed by several sources as $1.96 million.

The jet seats seven, making it Sweet Aviation’s largest aircraft. “The cabin is pressurized, the seating is spacious and comfortable, and the placement of controls and other nuances is intuitive, to outline just a few examples of the jet’s unique characteristics,” Pickett said in the release. It also has the Cirrus Airframe Parachute System that allows the pilot to deploy an aircraft-sized parachute.

Joel Pierce, general manager and chief flight instructor at Sweet Aviation, said in the release, “Our region has ideal flight training conditions, including flat terrain, seasonal weather, and uncongested skies, so we anticipate that pilots from around the country will be interested in coming to train on our Vision Jet.”

To schedule time in the jet pilots can contact Pierce at 260-267-5505 or send email