Fort Wayne schools do well in 2017 high school graduation rates

Fort Wayne and Allen County schools did well on 2017 graduation rates released Friday by the Indiana Department of Education. (Courtesy of

The 2017 graduation rate rose slightly for the Northwest Allen County Schools district and dropped a notch at Fort Wayne Community Schools, East Allen County Schools and Southwest Allen County Schools, the Indiana Department of Education reported in data released Friday.

All four local public school districts exceeded the statewide graduation rate of 87.19 percent, and all but FWCS finished higher than the statewide non-waiver graduation rate of 80.1 percent, the state education department said.

The state graduation rate and non-waiver rate both were down slightly from 2016, the department said.

The graduation rate reflects the percentage of all students who graduate, including those qualifying for waivers to graduate despite not completing all requirements. The non-waiver graduation rate counts only the students who completed all graduation requirements.

The NACS district’s success last year at Carroll High School included a graduation rate of 98.8 percent and non-waiver graduation rate of 97 percent, up from 96.7 percent and 95.7 percent, respectively, in 2016.

SACS finished just a few tenths of a percent lower than 2016 with 2017 rates of 96.13 percent graduation rate at Homestead High School and a non-waiver rate of 94.01 percent.

EACS was down similarly in 2017, with a graduation rate of 91.36 percent at its high schools and non-waiver rate of 81.11 percent.

FWCS’ graduation rate was a few tenths of a percent lower in 2017 at 88.95 percent, and the non-waiver rate was down 2 percentage points to 76.6 percent.

Here’s a look at local 2017 graduation rates: