Man reports being robbed of car at gunpoint in Colony Bay Apartments

A man reported the blue Ford Fusion he was driving, similar to the one pictured, was stolen by two men at gunpoint Thursday night. (Courtesy photo)

About an hour after three gunmen reportedly fired into a Colony Bay Apartments unit and a juvenile showed up at a hospital with a bullet wound, a man reported his car was stolen at gunpoint in the same apartment complex.

Fort Wayne Police responded at 10:53 p.m. to the 6400 block of Covington Road where a man said he was parking a 2015 blue Ford Fusion in the parking lot when two males approached, according to a police report.

The male on the driver’s side had a black gun and tapped on the victim’s window with it. He told the victim, “Get out.” The victim got out and the male said, “Hurry up,” according to the report.

The gunman slightly pushed him to get him out of the way faster. The two males got into the car and drove toward Getz Road, according to the report.

The victim reported that his black Android HTC cell phone and jacket were in the vehicle.

At 9:30 p.m. police had responded to the same block after three men reportedly came to an apartment and someone fired shots into the door. Police believe the shooting of a juvenile who showed up at a hospital around the same time is connected to the gunfire at the apartment.

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