A look behind the scenes as Fort Wayne’s Addison Agen records her album at Sweetwater

Addison Agen practices performing one the songs for her new album in the studio at Sweetwater earlier this year. Agen will join Page Davis from the TLC show "Trading Spaces" as headlining celebrities at this year's event. (News-Sentinel file photo by Kevin Kilbane)
The Sweetwater Studios recording studio team listens to one of Addison Agen's songs Tuesday morning before stepping into the studio to record the rhythm tracks for the song. Clockwise, from bottom center, are Mark Hornsby, Phil Naish, Dave Martin, Don Carr, and, in back, Addison Agen, left, and Nick D'Virgilio. (By Kevin Kilbane of News-Sentinel.com)
Phil Naish, front, plays piano as Nick D’Virgilio keeps the beat on drums during a recording session Tuesday for Addison Agen's upcoming second album. The recording session took place at Sweetwater, where Naish and D’Virgilio are among the Sweetwater Studios musicians. (By Kevin Kilbane of News-Sentinel.com)
Guitarist Don Carr plays during a recording session Tuesday at Sweetwater for Addison Agen's upcoming second album. Addison is in the background. (By Kevin Kilbane of News-Sentinel.com)
Bass guitarist Dave Martin plays during a recording session Tuesday morning at Sweetwater for one of the songs on Addison Agen's upcoming new album. Martin is part of the studio staff at Sweetwater. (By Kevin Kilbane of News-Sentinel.com)
Senior producer Mark Hornsby of Sweetwater's recording studios listens in the control room Tuesday as Addison Agen and Sweetwater studio musicians record a portion of one of the songs for Addison's upcoming new album. (By Kevin Kilbane of News-Sentinel.com)

Addison Agen has always said she wants her songs’ message to come through over the music. That was the case Tuesday for her new song about home as she and studio musicians recorded the rhythm tracks for the song “Home” in the recording studio at Sweetwater on U.S. 30 E. in Fort Wayne.

Just as with many of the songs the Fort Wayne native performed on the way to her runner-up finish last season on the TV show “The Voice,” it’s an emotional story set to music — this time about being away and still feeling the strong connections to friends here at home, she told the Sweetwater Studios team before they went into the recording studio.

Addison, 16, a Fort Wayne native, decided to work with Sweetwater to record her upcoming album, which is her second. The company’s recording studio staff will sit in as musicians during recording and also coordinate production of the album.

Before getting started Tuesday morning, Addison said the songs on the album will have a folk-Americana sound. The 10 songs on the as-yet-untitled album will include six she has written — one from about 18 months ago and five she wrote, including “Home,” during her time away while competing on “The Voice.”

Three songs were written by other people, including one by the son of Sweetwater studio musician and recording producer Phil Naish, Addison said. The final song is a cover of another artist’s tune — she’s not revealing details — but nothing she performed on “The Voice.”

After they get the recording done, which should be completed by the end of March, she and the Sweetwater studio crew will decide what song to promote as the album’s first single release, she said. Sweetwater also will help her get a music video shot to promote the song.

The top single likely will be one of the songs she wrote, Addison said.

Sweetwater studio staff will help Addison market the album after its release this spring and will shop it around to music distributors and record labels to see if they will sell it, said Mark Hornsby, Sweetwater Studios’ senior producer and vice president of operations, who is producing the album with Naish.

As of now, the album also is scheduled to be available through Addison’s future website and at www.sweetwater.com, iTunes, Amazon.com and local Wooden Nickel Records stores.

Addison is just one of many Fort Wayne area artists the studio works with, along with artists from other areas, Hornsby said.

“In this case, Addison happens to be here, and we were happy to jump in and help out,” he said.

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