Man wants to report robbery, but Fort Wayne Police just ask him too many questions

A man called Fort Wayne Police to report he abandoned his girlfriend after armed robbers broke into their motel room, but he didn’t want to answer questions, according to a police report.

Police were called at 12:16 a.m. Tuesday to a Coliseum Boulevard West motel to a possible armed robbery. The man who had called was not cooperative and began complaining about all the questions the call taker had been asking him when he called 911, according to a police report. It took 5-10 minutes before the man said he and his girlfriend were in a room at the Kings Inn, 2901 Goshen Road, when four gunmen entered the room. The man said his white coat and money were stolen.

The man said he got up and ran from the room, leaving his girlfriend alone. He couldn’t give any details on the suspects, only that he didn’t know them and they left in a dark-colored vehicle with tinted windows. He also could describe items that may have been stolen, according to the report.

The man couldn’t tell the officers what room he and his girlfriend had been in so they could check on her safety. He said he was texting her so he knew she was OK but wouldn’t ask her what room she was in because she refused to talk to police, according to the report.

He also refused to speak to a detective.