THIS DAY IN HISTORY: February 8 in photos

Charles Evans and Jim McCray work on loosening the corner stone,Wednesday, from St. Mary's church. They work for Bob Rowlett,Contracting. (Photo by Ellie Bogue)
Dennis Gagnon, of Cheer Basket, takes a sniff of some beans, testing their freshness. (Photo by Ellie Bogue)
Kathy Andersen lost two St. Bernard dogs in February after they were shot by unknown assailants. She hopes an reward, growing due to contributions from friends and neighbors, will lead to an arrest and an understanding of why this happened.
The Lincoln Museum is opening an exhibit called "First Ladies and Fashion: Featuring the Work of Arnold Scaasi", runninng from November 16 to February 8, 2008. (Photo by Brian Tombaugh)
Beth Roecker looks over the coffee bean choices at the Cheer Basket. (Photo by Ellie Bogue)
Landis Brown,11, raises his hand to ask a question of Fury player Andre Patterson during a kick off of balck history month at Adams Elementry School Wednesday afternoon. Landis says he wants to grow up to be a football player and a lawyer. (Photo by Steve Linsenmayer)
Leo Students view a display on the civil rights movement after attending a black history lecture on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. at Harding High School. (Photo by Steve Linsenmayer)
Fort Wayne's Shawn Reid (center) slides into the Chicago goalie after being tripped from behind by #24 as the puck bounces away. (Photo by Brian Tombaugh)
Felix Moxter, a client at the Dash Inn sips on a latte, during a lunch with a friend. (Photo by Ellie Bogue)
John Hopkins uses Compuserve to get information on many things including programing for his wife's electronic key boards, which are made by the Kurzweil Company which uses Compuserve alot to get information to their users. (Photo by Ellie Bogue) takes a daily look back at some of the historical people and events from our archives for this day of the calendar year through the years. We hope you enjoy our gallery.