THIS DAY IN HISTORY: February 11 in photos

1994 - Jodie Koogler, of Fort Wayne, tries out ice skating for the first time. It was her 23rd Birthday and her friend Damon Greven was trying to give her a few pointers, at Franke Park.
1994 - Margie Hanley, Assistant Principal at Lane Middle School, with some of the members of the Vikings of Valor, a group of students she started to teach leadership skills.
1995 - Role model Jermaine Shears tries to sort out a difference of opinion as to who gets the next game of table soccer at the Miner St. Boys and Girls Club.
1996 - Sam Ocampo,Bellmont, tries to control Heath Luther,Northrop, during an elimination round of the 130-pound weight class Saturday at the wrestling semi-finals at Memorial Coliseum. Ocampo went on to win the finals.
1997 - Melissa Junkin and Ennis Brown run through a number during Minstrels Swing Choir Rehersal at Bishop Luers High School.
1999 - Fort Wayne firefighters hose one another down after battling a fire at Speedway Cafe, 4429 Lima Road.
1998 - Dr. Bill Deschner, with a model heart, and the octopus which is used in open heart surgery instead a heart lung machine. The octopus holds up the heart, by suction. Deschner says it helps to hold the heart still and is very good for older and extremely ill patients who might not last through the ordeal of the heart lung machine.
2000 - Technicians collect data during an exam of Dave Klinker's teeth at the IPFW dental research center.
2000 - An American Gold Finch, in Karen Edwards backyard pauses for a drink from her bird bath.
2003 - IPFW women's basketball team study table in coach Alan Buck's office, Tuesday night. From left, Kelly Boyd and Jenny Green.
2004 - Deputy Coroner Dick Alfeld, third from left, waits with police investigaters for a tow truck at Hoagland Ave. and Rose Lane after his vehicle was disabled by a pair of robbery suspects he was following who shot out one of his tires.
2006 - One of Pat Kits delicous Pecan Cheesecakes.
2008 - As the water level falls from last week's flooding, an ice sculpture clings to a tree surounded by Maumee River floodwater, near the boat ramp on North River Road, just south of Kreager Park.
2009 - A pedestrian prepares to brave the wind and rain Wednesday morning after leaving Power Hamburgers on South Harrison Street.
2010 - Norwell sophomore Jessica Rupright takes a jump shot in Thursday's Sectional Girls Basketball Tournament vs. Peru.
Bishop Kevin C. Rhoades
2014 - Justin Shurley, of the TinCaps, helps to dig out the stadium area where the 1 Billion Rising event took place at Parkview Field. About eight men were volunteering a couple of hours that Tuesday afternoon to prep for the event.
2016 - Mayor Tom Henry, left, greets Allen County Democratic Chairman Jack Morris, second from right, and other well-wishers after his state of the city speech. takes a daily look back at some of the historical people and events from our archives for this day of the calendar year through the years. We hope you enjoy our gallery.