Parkview Health planning several new buildings that will help pay for other improvements

Several new buildings could be coming to the sprawling Parkview Regional Medical Center campus north of town. (Photo by Kevin Leininger of The

Parkview Health is planning as many as 10 additional medical offices on its Regional medical campus on Dupont Road, with many of the necessary infrastructure improvements funded through a special taxing district approved Tuesday by the Allen County Redevelopment Commission.

“The needs of the community anticipate a shift to more outpatient care,” said Parkview spokesman Eric Clabaugh, who noted the organization has been adding about 100 doctors annually and expects similar additions to continue — growth that will require additional facilities on its sprawling north-side campus. No timetable or budget for the growth has been determined, but Clabaugh said continued development in the area spurred in part by Parkview’s presence will assure the need for additional medical services for the foreseeable future.

Parkview’s growth, and other projects planned in the area will require additional roads, lighting, signs and other public improvements, and that’s where the Redevelopment Commission comes in. The board Tuesday approved creation of the Dupont-Diebold Economic Development Area that will capture taxes generated by new development and make them available for infrastructure expenses.

Although some of Parkview’s facilities are not-for-profit and therefore tax-exempt, some other buildings, including medical offices, are taxable. In fact, Parkview is Allen County’s six-largest single property tax payer, with a bill of $2.4 million last year. That means Parkview’s growth will help pay for the public facilities needed to accommodate that growth.

The economic development area contains about 756 acres, 380 of which remains undeveloped. The area to receive the tax increment financing contains 234 acres in an area bounded by Diebold, Union Chapel and Dupont roads and Interstate 69. The area also included Manchester University, the Mirror Center for Research and Innovation, at least one planned hotel and other commercial developments.

Clabaugh said the Regional campus’ 422 beds are generally close to full, but added there are no immediate plans to expand the hospital in part because Parkview’s original campus on Randallia Drive has 180 beds and could add more. “The bed capacity is where it needs to be, but we’re constantly evaluating that,” he said.