Social media threat to ‘SHS’ doesn’t involve Fort Wayne’s Snider High School, but a Woodlan student was turned over to law enforcement for a reported threat

This image of an alleged threat against a school with initials "SHS" appears to have been posted originally on Facebook and then shared on Snapchat. The Fort Wayne Police Department told Fort Wayne Community Schools officials the posting appears to have been made in Ohio. (By Dan Vance of

A vague threat posted on social media about bringing a gun to school at “SHS” set off school and law enforcement investigations at schools around the country with the initials SHS, including Snider High School in Fort Wayne.

Fort Wayne Police Department investigators determined the post was made in Ohio, said Krista Stockman, Fort Wayne Community Schools public information officer.

All other school threat rumors Thursday involving FWCS also are untrue: No one found any guns at any FWCS school, no students were arrested and no schools were on lockdown, Stockman said.

However, a Woodlan Jr.-Sr. High School student was turned over the Allen County Sheriff’s Department today after reportedly posting a threat about planned action at his school, said Tamyra Kelly, East Allen County Schools public information officer.

The Woodlan student’s threat had been taken down from the social media site before she saw it, Kelly said, so she doesn’t know the specific language used. The district called law enforcement after being made aware of the threat.

No weapons were taken to school today, Kelly said.

Information about the case was unavailable early Thursday afternoon from the Allen County Sheriff’s Department.

In the post about “SHS,” which appears to have been made originally on Facebook, a person using an account said he or she would be bringing a gun to school today and people should “be prepared to hear shoots (the person’s wording).”

The person also added, “Yes, SHS is the school I want.”

Fort Wayne Community Schools posted information about 7 a.m. today on its Facebook and Twitter accounts telling students and parents the alleged threat didn’t involve Snider, Stockman said.

FWCS became aware of the threat last night, she said. People who saw it already had reported it to Fort Wayne Police, and parents began reporting it to FWCS and police.

Parents at times have criticized the school district for not providing enough details about its security plans, Stockman said.

“We do always take these reports seriously,” she said of information like the “SHS” social media post.

For example, the school district is getting ready to launch a new text line for tips on any concern that students, parents or community residents want to report, Stockman said.

FWCS often doesn’t give out a lot of details about its security procedures, however, so it can minimize panic and to avoid compromising security measures, Stockman said.

If a threat appears to be valid, FWCS will warn students and parents to stay away from school, she said.