THIS DAY IN HISTORY: February 27 in photos

1954 - Fans of the New Haven High School basketball team were seeing double in the 1954 season, as identical twins Jean and Jane Poirson were on the cheerleading squad. Jean is on the left in this photo.
1954 - After the nets were cut down and the first celebration of the sectional win Feb. 27, 1954, was over, North Side coach Jim Hinga headed for the dressing room at the coliseum - but not under his own power. His jubilant Redskins gave him a victory ride. With Dick Hickox and Bud Taylor, at left, leading the way, 'Bama Aldridge and Larry Koehl have one limb, while Henry Chapman and other Redskins have the other.
1994 - The Old City Hall Historicl Museum will stay put in its building on East Berry Street. The Allen County-Fort Wayne Historical Society board of directors has voted not to move to a larger building. Board member Hugh Baldus said the board recognizes that "the building is is the most important part of our historic collection."
1994 - MLK essay award winner Rachel Bru'ass
1995 - Tearing down St. Mary's church.
1995 - A clam-shell bucket takes the first bite of St. Mary's Church as demolition of the fire ravaged building begins.
1997 - Waters stalled a van on Ardmore Road between Covington Road and Taylor Street, but that didn't stop others from trying to pass through the waters.
1998 - Nearly eight years after a fire burned their business, Vi (pictured) and Ed Whittington's Country Kitchen on Wells Street is thriving in a store designed to accommodate its specialty baking, candy-making and decorating supplies.
1999 - Tamera Jackson, a second grade teacher at Washington Center Elementary explains what the third graders will be doing Saturday morning during the Saturday School at Weisser Park Youth Center. The program is geared to help African American children who may be struggling academically.
2001 - This former General Electric plant at Ninth Street and Nuttman in Decatur closed nine years ago.
2002 - Despite being bankrupt, Kitty Hawk is still able to pay for their advertising on the ice of the Memorial Coliseum where the Fort Wayne Komets play.
2003 - As the sun sets over the landmark Tokheim water tower, the sale of the bankrupt company has been approved and the employees prepare to be laid off.
2004 - The last chorus of Varsity was sung in North Side High School's gym at the end of the closing ceremonies Friday night. The basketball teams will be playing in the new gym next year.
2005 - Parkwood Church of God presented Da Vinci's "The Last Supper" a living performance as written by Ernest Emurian Sunday evening.
2006 - Pipe organ on the fifth floor of the Masonic Temple at 216 E. Washington Blvd.
2007 - Steam rises from the dishwasher as Marcus Mitchess unloads dishes, at Cindy's Diner, Friday.
2007 - Miss Skillon (Natalie Y Jones) lays on the floor as Penelope (Suzan Moriarty)(left on sofa) and Ida (Brennan Stillman)(right on sofa) watch Lionel (Jim Matusik) jump over her, during their rehearsal of "See How They Run", Tuesday at Arena Dinner Theater.
2007 - Mamie Lee Brown, an Elmhurst High School Administrator, gave the Fort Wayne School's building plan her support Monday night during a School Board Meeting at the Anthis Career Center Auditorium.
2008 - High school students were showing off their ideas Wednesday afternoon at the Allen County Library, it was the wrap up of the Chamber of Commerce 2008 Idea Contest.
2008 - Ellen and Greg Osborn ran through Foster Park Tuesday morning. They said they thought it was great that the City Park system keeps the path free of snow. They were planing to run 6-8 miles.
2014 - Traffic was backed up to a near stand still on I-469 between the State Road 37 exit and the Maplecrest Road exit Thursday morning as blowing snow had caused hazardous snow packed conditions in the north bound lanes of the road and near zero visibility in some places. takes a daily look back at some of the historical people and events from our archives for this day of the calendar year through the years. We hope you enjoy our gallery.