New biosolids contract will save Fort Wayne big money

Fort Wayne City Utilities will save nearly $1.5 million over the next three years thanks to the renegotiation of the contract for operation of the city’s Biosolids Handling Facility, located on the City’s east side. City Council approved the contract with Fox Contractors Inc. Tuesday.

The Biosolids Facility takes clean treated sludge from the Water Pollution Control Plant along with a lime byproduct from the Water Filtration Plant, leaves collected from Fort Wayne neighborhoods, grass clippings and other yard waste that have been dropped off by contractors and residents and turns them into nutrient-rich fertilizer. The end product is often purchased by farming operations to fertilize crops and is provided free of charge to residents who load it themselves for use in lawns, gardens and landscaping. The facility also grinds up logs and tree branches to create mulch.

Keeping these items from going to the landfill not only extends the life of the landfill but reduces the city’s disposal fees at the landfill. By not taking items to the landfill the Biosolids Facility saves the city about $2M million per year.