AUDIO: Student arrested after threatening to ‘shoot up’ New Haven High School

New Haven High School, 1300 Green Road, was the target of threatened student violence this week. (Courtesy photo)
Tamyra Kelly

A 16-year-old student was arrested Tuesday after threatening to “shoot up” New Haven High School.

According to an audio statement sent by the school to parents and others, the female student had been suspended for a disciplinary issue and, while in the office area, stated her hatred for the school and said she wanted to “shoot it up.” The statement was corroborated by a New Haven Police report, which said part of the exchange was overheard by the School Resource Officer, who then took the student into his office and interviewed witnesses.

The report stated the student, whose name was redacted, “was apologetic but her comments were very disruptive in the office area and raised some concerns for the safety of the school.”

The student was removed from the school at 1300 Green Road in handcuffs and taken to the Allen County Juvenile Justice Center on charges of felony intimidation. She was suspended for 10 days, pending expulsion.

“We don’t believe there was an imminent threat, but we take safety really, really seriously. There’s always a school resource officer on campus and we’re having safety meetings this week,” East Allen County Schools spokeswomen Tamyra Kelly said.

The five meetings, scheduled before the incident, were held Monday through Thursday at the system’s five high schools and invited EACS students’ parents and guardians to “join us as we discuss safety procedures.”