THIS DAY IN HISTORY: March 18 in photos

1994 - A crowd of people wait in line Friday morning, to buy tickets to the Berry Manilow concert at the Embassy.
1994 - Linda Pinkerton and the Nif-T soap holder she holds a patent on.
1994 - Ben Danels at home in Decatur. Daniels went to prison for killing a man with a punch during a fight.
1996 - Former News-Sentinel Boys Band member John "Billy" Broom shows off one of the cornets he used to play with the band throughout the 1930's.
1997 - Clean water from the Sewage Treatment Plant is H20 enriched by aeration in one of the final steps before it is released back into the river.
1997 - Dr. Jim Cooper stands on the Marion Center Road Bridge. This is one of the Iron Bridges around Allen County he was inspecting for the Highway Department.
2001 - An estimated 4,500 Christian youths turned out Sunday, March 18, at the Allen County War Memorial Coliseum for a Passion for Peace rally. One of the speakers was Heidi Johnson, a graduate of Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado, a survivor of the shooting at that school.
2002 - Under clear skies and warm temperatures, Kevin Merz throws a few pitches from the mound at Hamilton Park as his team of 13 and 14 year-olds prepares for practice.
2004 - Tim Tiernon, a local peace activist, helped keep the Courthouse Green open to protesters.
2004 - A Fort Wayne Fire Department rescue diver prepares to enter the lake off Coldwater Road north of Wallen Road Thursday night to assist in a search from more victims after a vehicle ran off the road and ended up in the water. The dive team was able to free one occupant who was take to Parkview Hospital in critical condition.
2006 - Jeanna Van Hoey rounds the top bar on the uneven parallel bars at Saturday's IHSAA State gymnastics meet in which she repeated as the State Champion in the event
2007 - Bob Chase was chosen by the Komets' organization with a write-in vote to be immortalized by having a bobblehead doll made with his likeness.
2008 - Hundreds of people wait inside the Grand Wayne Center Tuesday night to hear former President Bill Clinton speak on a stop in Fort Wayne as part of his wife, Hillary Clinton's "Solutions for America" campaign
2010 - The three Zamboni machines the Memorial Coliseum currently has on site. The one on the left was purchased in 1974, the middle one in 1994 and the one on the far right arrived this month.
2014 - Zookeepers Angie Selzer, left, and Kristin Sliger work on painting with Tara the orangutan. Tara did her first painting Tuesday, using both her hands and her mouth to move the brush.
2016 - Kathy Stumpf of Prairie Lake Alpacs in Maryland gives one of her alpacas a hug Thursday. It was the alpaca’s first show and he was a little nervous about the whole thing. Stumpf is showing her animals this weekend at the National Alpaca Show & Auction at Memorial Coliseum. takes a daily look back at some of the historical people and events from our archives for this day of the calendar year through the years. We hope you enjoy our gallery.