Victim reports to Fort Wayne Police he was stabbed by wife at Hallmark Inn

A man with a wound to his left forearm said he was stabbed early Sunday morning by his wife at Hallmark Inn, according to Fort Wayne Police.

Police were called at 6:51 a.m. to the Marathon Gas Station, 3217 E. Washington Blvd., where the victim and a woman who called police were in a vehicle on the parking lot.

The victim was holding a towel to his left forearm and said his wife had stabbed him, according to a police report. An officer saw a puncture wound to the man’s forearm, just below his elbow. The man’s right hand and lower arm were also in a cast.

The man said he had been married to the assailant for the past six years and that they have two children together and were in the process of getting a divorce. However, they have been both staying in the same room at the Hallmark Inn, 3730 E. Washington Blvd., for the last week. He said their two children were currently with his wife’s boyfriend, who lived elsewhere.

He said at 12:30 a.m. the previous night they were in the room when his wife became upset because he was texting a woman. His wife attacked him and punched him numerous times in the head and body, he told police. After the attack, he punched the wall with his right hand, which caused him pain. He went to a hospital where he found out his hand was broken. He did not report the incident to police, according to the report.

Then at 5:30 a.m. he was released from the hospital and returned to the room with a friend to move out his things. When they arrived his wife was still upset and began throwing his things around and “trashing” the room, according to the report. The man said as he was putting items in the back of his friend’s car his wife ran up to him and stuck him in the arm with something that caused the puncture wound, according to the report. He did not believe it was a knife but perhaps an ink pen. He said his wife also struck his friend, who drove him to the gas station, where they called police.

The friend said the victim’s wife struck her in the face several times and stabbed the victim while they were in the car as they got ready to leave.

Officers found the man’s wife sweeping the hotel room’s floor with a broom. She was placed under arrest. When an officer noted blood on the floor, she said she and her husband had tussled the previous night, during which her toenail was broken off, according to the report. She said since her husband was pressing charges against her, she wanted to do the same to him. She told the officer she had not reported the incident because her phone did not work. Because it had happened about six hours beforehand, the officer believed she could have found a phone in the meantime.

Police could not find a weapon used to attack the husband, and the man collected his belongings.

His wife was charged with misdemeanor domestic battery and on Monday in Allen Superior Court she requested a public defender. She was issued a no-contact order, according to electronic court records.