THIS DAY IN HISTORY: May 14 in photos

1954 - TV sensation Liberace was greeted at Penn Station when he arrived in town May 14, 1954, for a May 15 concert at the coliseum. He created a stir wherever he went, including the lobby of the Van Orman Hotel. Delta Sigma Kappa sorority, which was holding a national convention here, dismissed one of its sessions so its members could wait to see the pianist when he arrived at the hotel.
1996 - An unfired round of ammunition lies in the parking lot at 2810 Simcoe Dr., where Hipolito Torres sustained a gunshot wound to the upper leg Monday evening.
1998 - Local Master Gardener Delores Wright picked the primrose as one of her favorite perennials that does well in Fort Wayne.
2001 - Neighborhood resident Joinette Wilson, right, breaks-up the clumps of soil in her garden plot at Atlas Community Gardens, 1424 Creighton Ave.
2003 - Neal Butler serves customers at the Pio Market at 1225 E. State Blvd., Wednesday.
2003 - Jerry McGill, a longtime customer at the Pio Market,1225 E. State Blvd., eats lunch there nearly every day. "I've been coming here longer than I can remember. Nothing has changed. The service is good. The food is good."
2004 - New helicopter on pad at Lutheran Hospital, Friday morning.
2007 - Garrett's Tristan McBride makes the catch at first, getting Central Noble's Katie Warren out in the 5th inning Monday evening at Garrett.
2008 - South Wayne Elementary School kindergarten teacher Chrissy Dwire shows her students on Wednesday the pink quilt that they helped to make for classmate Aleigha Sweet. Aleigha was diagnosed with cancer in 2006 and relapsed in November 2007. She is currently undergoing treatment at Riley Children's Hospital in Indianapolis.
2008 - Fabiana Souza, 2008 IPFW graduate poses in the Coliseum just prior to receiving her diploma Wednesday night. Souza from Brazil, where she would have had to choose between an education and her love of volleyball. IPFW recruited Souza because of her athletic skills, but with the aid of a full-ride scholarship she was able to earn her Master's degree.
2009 - Retiring City Arborist Bill Diedrichs hands off the keys to his office to newly appointed Arborist Chad Tinkel Thursday morning during a press conference at Lawton Park
2009 - A visibly credentialed U.S. Census Bureau representative will carry a hand-held computer much like this, and will only ask for the address of the housing unit and how many living quarters are on site at the housing unit.
2010 - Michael Olson, who was declared disabled by the Veterans Administration in 1993, says the VA has transferred control of his military benefits from wife Vironica, left, to a bank in Greenfield, Indiana, without explanation or justification. One of the few expenditures questioned by the VA, they say, was this $2,000 vaccuum cleaner and air purifier, which they bought in 2008 to help control his asthma. Also pictured is daughter Kaitie, 11.
2012 - Al Stoller, left, a salesman at Summit City Bicycles & Fitness, gives Mayor Tom Henry a t-shirt Monday celebrating Fort Wayne's recognition as one of the country's most bike-friendly cities.
2014 - American Mitsuba Corp., formerly CME Automotive Corp., in Monroeville has been assembling parts for a variety of auto manufacturers since 1997. A dozen production lines on three shifts assemble front and rear wiper systems, power steering motors, windshield washer systems and power slide door assemblies for auto manufacturers around the country.
2014 - Although these storefronts at the edge of Southgate Plaza are vacant, the south-side facility -- Fort Wayne's first large suburban shopping center when it opened in 1956 -- is 90 percent occupied and continues to attract new tenants despite years of economic ups and downs.
2015 - Sandy Moore, a Soarin’ Hawk volunteer, handles Jefferson, a 4-year-old immature bald eagle who was stretching his wings in the breeze Thursday afternoon. Jefferson, along with other Soarin’ Hawk education birds, will be at at Franke Park on Saturday
2016 - Mayor Tom Henry presents a certificate of excellence to Linda Vandeveer at the police officer memorial ceremony Friday at the Law Enforcement/Firefighters Memorial. takes a daily look back at some of the historical people and events from our archives for this day of the calendar year through the years. We hope you enjoy our gallery.