Bricks from demolition of Elmhurst High School in Fort Wayne will be available beginning Wednesday for alumni

An operator with Lunz Excavating works on separating out metal during demolition of the former Elmhurst High School on Sand Point Road. Bricks from demolition will be made available periodically to alumni in the parking lot behind the school off Sand Point Road. (By Kevin Kilbane of
Demolition work has started on the south side of the former Elmhurst High School on Sand Point Road, but the front remains intact for now. (By Kevin Kilbane of
A construction fence surrounds the front of the former Elmhurst High School on Sand Point Road. Demolition has started on the vacant building. (By Kevin Kilbane of

Bricks from Elmhurst High School will be available beginning about noon Wednesday in the parking lot off Sand Point Road behind the vacant school, 3829 Sand Point Road.

People are asked to take no more than two or three bricks per person, said Kris Lunz, co-owner with her husband, Ron, of Lunz Excavating, which is demolishing the Elmhurst building.

“The whole idea is so Elmhurst people get a piece of brick like they wanted,” Kris Lunz said.

Demolition has started on the south side of the building.

As it progresses, bricks periodically will be put in the back parking lot area for Elmhurst alumni to pick up, she said. Lunz hopes to post when bricks will be available on the Facebook group page Recycle Elmhurst High School.

Lunz also still is selling some items salvaged from the school, such as lockers, cabinets, doors, theater seats and other items. To contact her about those items, message her at the Recycle Elmhurst High School page on Facebook.

Fort Wayne Community Schools closed Elmhurst after the 2009-10 school year.

The original portion of the building dates back to 1929. Various additions were constructed from 1942 through 1999 to create the current building.

FWCS board members voted unanimously Feb. 13, 2017, to sell the school and 12 acres of adjacent farm ground. The school district received two purchase offers, including the $600,000 offer board members accepted Aug. 14, 2017, from nearby Hanson Aggregates Midwest.

FWCS will keep its South Transportation Center just south of the Elmhurst school property and the school’s athletic fields north of the school buildings.