Get2Go Subway robber settles for coins, according to Fort Wayne Police report

A worker at a Subway in a Get2Go reported that a man in a van used by beggers earlier had robbed the restaurant’s coin register machine Monday night.

Fort Wayne Police officers responded at 8:51 p.m. to the Get2Go, 4935 Bluffton Road, to a call of an armed robbery, according to a police report. A Subway employee there said a gunman had taken the coin register machine before leaving in a silver Dodge van with a missing a front hubcap that left southbound on Bluffton Road.

The Subway employee said two men had arrived in a silver or gray Dodge van with a missing front hubcap. The duo had been hanging out at the gas pumps, where they were begging for money for a while. The employee said the van’s driver came into Subway first and begged some customers for money before leaving the store. The driver got into the van and moved it to the other side, to the east, of the parking lot. Then the male passenger came into the store, sat down at a table and later stood up and pointed a small black semi-automatic pistol at the employee.

The gunman said, “This is a holdup; give me all the money,” according to the report.

The employee said he ducked down and ran toward the Get2Go. He said he saw the suspect try and fail to take the money out of the register.

The employee said he returned to Subway after the robber left and found that the thief had stolen the change out of the coin register. Both Subway and Get2Go have video of the incident, according to the report.