Woman claims she was stabbed by stranger in ‘mean mug’ incident, Fort Wayne Police told

A woman said she was hanging out with the friends late Wednesday night in the Villages of Hanna when a stranger stabbed her, although a witness described a different scenario.

Police officers were dispatched at 11:21 p.m. to the 1300 block of Greene Street and learned that the victim had gone a hospital. There, they found the victim with cuts on her face, the left side of her head and right arm, and a puncture wound on the right side of her chest, according to a police report.

The victim was initially unwilling to give police information about the incident and “kept repeating that she was fine, and that didn’t know anything,” according to the report.

She told an officer she was hanging out with her friends outside near her residence, and had seen her attacker pass by a few times and “mean mug” her. She said the teenager then just “attacked her with no warning, and to her knowledge, without any reason. She also stated that she didn’t know that the suspect had a knife while she was being attacked, and didn’t realize that she was cut until she noticed that she was bleeding.”

The victim said her attacker left on foot after the stabbing.

However, a witness in the emergency room lobby with what looked like blood stains in her shirt told police the victim had been in a physical altercation earlier in the day with someone.

The other person pushed the victim, who pushed back. A fight started and both the victim and the other person went to the ground. It looked like the other person was striking the victim with

closed fists numerous times.