Fort Wayne Police investigate armed robberies of pizza deliverer, Facebook poster and disabled woman

Fort Wayne Police are investigating the following armed robberies.

According to police reports, the following occurred:

A pizza delivery driver said she robbed while delivering a pizza at around midnight Tuesday to the 3300 block of Cheviot Drive.

The delivery driver said that after she made the delivery she left through the door of the apartment building and was met by a male holding a black semiautomatic handgun. He pointed the gun at her and said, “Give me your money.” She complied and saw the thief head westward on Cheviot before running southward behind an apartment building.

She described the thief as a male black with a medium complexion, about 6 feet tall, with a thin build and a short afro. He was wearing a black T-shirt and black gym shorts.

In another armed robbery, police were told that a gunman came into a woman’s home and stole her cell phone because he believed she had made comments about him on Facebook.

An officer responded at 11:08 a.m. Saturday to the 6900 block of Elzey and was told that the 23-year-old gunman left in a brown car southbound. The victim said she had been talking to him for two months through Facebook. He had been at her mother’s home on a few occasions and now he had been threatening to come over to confront her about derogatory statements that had been made against him on Facebook. She also alerted an officer to comments made on social media that showed that it as a friend, not her, who had made them.

She also said that the suspect had nude video of her on his cell phone that he had taken after drugging her during a prior incident.

The victim’s brother said he was lying on a couch just inside the door when he saw the man walk inside and go up the stairs to the victim’s room. He saw his sister and the man argue before the man took the phone and left the house.

The victim said her cell phone had a tracker that showed her phone was near the McDonald’s in the 6900 block of Bluffton Road.

An officer directed there saw a man running from McDonald’s toward the Kroger parking lot before police took him into custody in the 7700 block of Old Trail Road. The victim and witnesses identified the man as the theft suspect.

The man spoke with detectives and was charged with robbery, resisting (fleeing), criminal recklessness, and residential entry. However, Thursday all the charges were dismissed in Allen Superior Court.

On Aug. 3, a woman called police at 2:04 a.m. to say a man had taken $160 from her.

The woman claimed the man, whose name and nickname she gave to police, was armed with a gun and left eastbound from Greenlawn Avenue toward Wells Street.

The woman said she was moving from Greenlawn and had no other place to go. She told a friend who gave her the contact information for the man about a room he was going to be renting out.

She had never met before the man, who asked to come to her home so he could get to know her a little better. She said they spent a few hours together and at some point he began to show her his tattoos, including the Aryan Brotherhood tattoo on his chest.

She mentioned she was getting paid from her disability check at that time and she needed a ride to the ATM to withdraw the money. She said the man offered to find her a ride.

The man called a woman who arrived in a white four-door car and they drove over to the Circle K gas station where the victim withdrew $300 and separated $160 of it for bills that she held in one hand and placed the other money into her purse.

When they got back to her apartment the man grabbed the money and said, “Give me the money now,”

“Get the (expletive) out the car” and “I have a gun on me.”

The victim said she noticed a gun in his pocket but he never pulled out the weapon.