Fort Wayne to expand animal control services for New Haven

New Haven would pay Fort Wayne nearly $37,500 in the first year of an animal-control deal. ( file photo)

Fort Wayne could soon be going to the dogs — and cats and who knows what else — thanks to New Haven.

City Council on Tuesday is expected to consider a proposal under which Fort Wayne’s Department of Animal Care and Control will provides services to Allen County’s 2nd-largest city for $37,474 in the first year and $48,578 in year two. Although Animal Care and Control has provided shelter for animals from New Haven since 2006, New Haven previously contracted with Allen County Animal Control to pick up strays from new Haven and deliver them to Fort Wayne’s shelter.

According to the resolution, New Haven “does not have the facilities or staff to catch and detain stray animals within its jurisdiction.” Under the contract, Animal Care and Control (ACC) will also charge user fees to users for animals from New Haven that are not strays. ACC will maintain adoption animals and counselors to serve New Haven residents and fees will be the same as charged to Fort Wayne residents. ACC will train New Haven personnel responsible for animal control.

With the exception of barking and sanitation complaints, ACC will respond to calls relating to calls about stray, aggressive, neglected or injured animals and other issues. ACC will also investigate serious cruelty and neglect charges.

The agreement also requires approval by New Haven City Council.