Allen County honors employees for longevity

The Allen County Board of Commissioners Friday recognized county employees of 35 or more years.

“You wouldn’t stick around if you didn’t like what you did. You decided you really like working for the Allen County family. For that, we felt it only appropriate to take this opportunity to recognize you today,” Commissioner Therese Brown said.

The employees recognized were: Deanna Neff, 40 years; Jerry Dorsett, 45 years; Michael Stiffarm, 38 years; Edgar Ridenour, 44 years; Thomas Dosen, 41 years; Douglas Specht, 36 years; Tim Gaham, 37 years; Steven Inman, 43 years; William Hartman, 43 years; Daniel Allen, 43 years; Dianne Meadows, 41 years; Julieann Shepherd, 38 years; Roberta Keith, 45 years; Gerald Farrell, 35 years; Randy Morrison, 35 years; Therese Brown, 40 years; Linda Bloom, 40 years.

Another group of employees who have worked for the county 35 or more years will be recognized at a similar ceremony Sept. 28.