The five tallest buildings in Fort Wayne

No. 5. First Presbyterian Church, 220 feet. Built in 1950. 300 West Wayne St.
No. 4. Allen County Courthouse, 238 feet. Built in 1902. Listed to the National Register of Historic Places in 1976. Later recognized as a National Historic Landmark in 2003.
No. 3. Lincoln Bank Tower, 312 feet. Built in 1930. At completion, was the tallest building in Indiana
No. 2: PNC Center, 339 feet. Built in 1970. Tallest building in Fort Wayne from 1970–1982. Currently the 11th tallest building in the state of Indiana. Formerly known as Fort Wayne National Bank Building and National City Center.
. . . And the Number 1 tallest Building in Fort Wayne: The Indiana Michigan Power Center, 442 feet. Built in 1982. Fourth tallest building in Indiana, and tallest outside of Indianapolis. Formerly known as One Summit Square.

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! Well, actually, it’s neither, but if you are in a low-flying aircraft, you might want to watch out for the tops of these buildings, the five tallest in Fort Wayne.