Five sister and friendship cities of Fort Wayne

Takaoka, Japan (sister city since 1977). Pictured is the Great Buddha of Takaoka., Reaching a height of nearly 53 feet, the Great Buddha of Takaoka is the third largest in Japan.
Płock, Poland (sister city since 1990). Pictured is the Plock Town Hall.
Gera, Germany (sister city since 1992). Pictured is part of a medieval city wall. The city wall was demolished in the 19th century, only a small part at Stadtgraben remained.
Taizhou, China (sister city since 2012).
Mawlamyine, Burma (Myanmar) (friendship city since 2015). Pictured is The First Baptist Church in Mawlamyine, which was constructed in 1827 by Adoniram Judson, the first Caucasian Protestant missionary sent from North America to Myanmar.

Since 1977, Fort Wayne has been designated as sister cities with four others around the world by Sister Cities International. Sister Cities International was created in 1956 based on a proposal from President Dwight D. Eisenhower. In 2015, Fort Wayne added its first friendship city.