LETTER TO THE EDITOR: NRA member says bump stocks, drum magazines are a problem

I am an avid states-rights supporter and a strong Second Amendment supporter. I am a long-time NRA member and a certified NRA instructor. I am also the chief range safety officer and range master, responsible for the training of 35 NRA-certified range safety officers and the establishment of USACC gun safety classes at my club.

Under my leadership, we require every member who shoots on our state-of-the-art rifle and pistol ranges to take our gun safety orientation, and approximately 400 members have participated to date. I also believe that it is not guns that kill, it is the person holding the gun who kills. More people are killed in automobile accidents every year than are killed with guns, and we would not think of banning cars. Further, a federal law to ban guns of any type will accomplish nothing more than taking the guns from law-abiding citizens. Having said all of that, I support legislation to ban the following: bump stocks, drum magazines. These are after-market accessories and are not sold as a component part of the rifle. I believe that concealed carry and gun ownership are Second Amendment rights. At the same time, we cannot depend on people to avail themselves of training offered by fellow citizens like myself. While I admittedly am a states-rights person and not for excessive federal government control, I support federal legislation of a reciprocal concealed carry permit, providing that there is language that requires training, shooting skill demonstration and written testing before granting the universal permit. I hold a CCW (Concealed Carry Permit) from the state of Florida, and I had to demonstrate the above, in addition to the normal background checks required by other states like Indiana. I am writing this after considerable thought, because I do fear the “slippery slope” or “camel-nose-in-the-tent” opportunity that this will give the pro-gun-ban segment of our Congress and Senate. On the other hand, we must move to stop this craziness, while at the same time protecting the rights of our gun-owning citizens.

— Jay L. Butler