The Rant for Nov. 15, 2017

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Congress and (President) Trump don’t believe enough people have been killed in recent mass shootings. ISIS is watching and will likely exploit the gaping hole in our nation’s security due to a lack reasonable gun laws.

Our founding fathers considered a mass shooting as two people. One with a long rifle and one with a pistol before the shooter was dragged down and beat to death. The NRA, its members and Republicans across the country are responsible for these massive gun deaths. The victims’ blood is on your hands, and may you burn in hell for all of eternity.

How ironic that after reading the guest column by Leo Morris regarding the innumeracy of journalists, I listened to an NPR journalist discussing the success of Chinese sanctions against North Korea. He claimed that oil exports to North Korea had declined 100 percent. REALLY?

I wonder if … (a local organization for military personnel and veterans) has canceled Fox News on its TV. Fox is the propaganda arm of our draft dodging president. Do they … think his cowardly acts supersede the acts of their members, who offered their lives to protect our flag and anthem? Get a grip guys. You can’t pick one or the other when they are both the same. It’s either all or none.

(Indiana U.S. Rep. Jim) Banks thinks that the tax cut for the rich will grow jobs. News Flash Jim: We are at full employment. Who will fill those jobs? This is a giveaway for the uber rich, (President) Trump included. If only Banks could think on his own instead of being a shill for Trump, we might get some real tax cuts. But alas, he is a Republican patsy. Another Great Recession — and it will come — will destroy what’s left of the dwindling middle class, who are the engine of our economy. Come home Jim, you are just taking up space in Congress.

Unbelievable! Puerto Rico has no power or clean drinking water. Our soldiers in Niger were stripped of their uniforms, and one was shot in the head at close range. (President) Trump’s administration is crumbling, and Fox (News) is talking about (Hillary) Clinton. Fox treats its viewers like they were mushrooms — kept in the dark and fed … .

(White House adviser) Kellyanne Conway is like a neighbor’s barking dog at 2 a.m. You just want to go throw a poison steak over the fence to it.

Democrats retained the governorship in Virginia and took back control of the governor’s office in new Jersey from lying Chris Christie. Fox “fake” News host (Tucker) Carlson was crying so bad I had to send him a box of Kleenex. The more Democrats win, the less people will watch Fox “fake” News. Vote policy not party, and we will be better off as a nation.

(President) Trump’s speechwriters are terrible, but even if Walt Whitman wrote the speech, Trump can’t deliver. My 5-year-old speaks better than Trump.

Next spring when Daylight Saving Time comes around, we all move our clocks ahead 30 minutes and then leave them. Those who want Daylight Saving Time will be unhappy and those that want them to stay the same will also be unhappy. Sounds like a good solution to me. Shared unhappiness.

… (This) so-called President (Trump) wants to send your sons and daughters off to die to support his ego. Not only does Trump have yellow hair, he also has a yellow streak running down his back. How veterans can support this man is beyond me, from a family with five generations of military service to this already great country. Trump is a disgrace to America and its allies.

Good job, (U.S. Rep. Jim) Banks. Your bill to provide headstones for veterans passed while you also voted to take away my healthcare. Do I get a free headstone when I die without insurance? Maybe the wealthy will pay for one because you voted to give them a big tax windfall. I’ll need that headstone when I starve to death because I can’t pay my taxes AND eat. You sir, are a joke and a poor politician. You don’t care about the average American, only big money.

A Republican Indiana senator is running as a conservative and says they will help (President) Trump with his agenda. Trump is not a conservative, you morons. Pieces of trash running as Republicans because they are afraid of the “D” word even though Hugh Hefner was more conservative than they are. What losers and more losers if they vote for him.

When one party controls America, that is the new communism. Controlled by the rich, supported by the stupid. You will gladly accept the morsels that the rich throw your way. This will lead to an uprising of brother against brother, neighbor against neighbor. You can see it now if you are paying attention. We have not been this divided since the Civil War, and we are on our way to Civil War II.

(This) lifelong Republican (is) voting Democrat next year. Disgusted with what is going on. Huge debt getting bigger. What the hell happened to limited government? I don’t suggest that anyone pay to have trees planted in the park strip. My poor little trees have been pruned four times already by the city. One died a few years ago because it was so severely pruned and had to be replaced. It looks like the newly replaced one won’t make it either. There is hardly anything left. It certainly didn’t need to be pruned. They must get paid by the tree regardless of the size.

The middle class project is running ads against Sen. (Joe) Donnelly over a tax plan that no one knows what’s in it, and it won’t even make it out of Congress. But old Republicans will only see the ad while they watch “Wheel of Fortune” and eat oatmeal for their dinner. It will be the last thing they see before they go to bed at 7:30 so they will believe it. Dumb.

The right-wing evangelical judge from Alabama said he is being persecuted more than Jesus was. He has mush for brains. First, Jesus was not a child molester. Second, after we hang the judge on a cross for a few hours, he might finally have a leg to stand on. Who votes for pieces of crap like him and (President) Trump. Sexual predators need to be castrated like the animals they are.

An older man being with underage girls in Alabama is OK in some of the smaller rural communities. Some of the families encourage it if the man is well off financially and will help the family out with money. I have worked all around the South, and people in Fort Wayne have no idea how others live in the Deep South. Actually, there are pockets of that kind of thinking right here in Fort Wayne. Disgusting.

Before you put (Sean) Hannity on Mount Rushmore, talk to someone who has worked with him. He is to (President) Trump what Goebbels was to Hitler. Hannity is just like Trump. Oversized ego, narcissistic and racist. Feels women are inferior to men. You saw what happened to Trump’s last propaganda minister on Fox “fake” News. Gone, sent packing. Hannity will be the next to go. As Fox “fake” News personalities wise up, they leave the company because it is all fake.

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