The Rant for Nov. 29, 2017

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(President) Trump and (Judge Roy) Moore are “brothers from a different mother,” two peas in a pod. Both are abusers and both are racists. Mr. T would say, “I pity this country.” What have we turned into. A country run solely by rich white men. We are going backward while China is kicking our butts. Trump is all talk and no action. I hope we get through the next three years with a planet that is still livable.

All of the public-service employees going to the hospital from the jail is a HUGE waste of our tax dollars. Their so-called illness was all psychosomatic. If there really was a threat, all inmates in that wing would have gotten sick.

“Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!” Is this still America, or have we become so cold that we don’t care anymore? I don’t understand how callous some Americans have become. We are a nation of immigrants, built by immigrants. For Christ’s sake, have some empathy America.

Indiana is fighting medicinal marijuana. It is proven to help with nausea caused by chemo (chemotherapy) and epilepsy and other ailments. … All of you right-wingers have your underwear on too tight. Loosen up a little to help your fellow man.

El Trumpo (President Trump) and Fox “fake” News have blasted everyone accused of sexual abuse except Roy Moore, a Republican. Ladies, if you support Moore and Trump, can I have a little squeeze at the supermarket? How about I just rub up against you in the checkout line. … You are either against sexual abuse or you love the attention. Which is it?

Great to see two men giving opinions on the Civil War. Both Rinearson and Steve Smith gave compelling information, and even a bit of battlefield observations. In reading them, and appreciating American citizens to step forward in debate, I tend to side with Mr. Smith. I also tend to think that around every Confederate monument there needs to be statues of slaves at work, tending to the plantation — slaves with scars from beatings and whippings. Yes, Robert E. Lee believed in punishment and hunting down any slaves who might wish to get free. Yep, surround the Confederate monuments with people who had to survive pretty bad conditions. Ripped from their homes, bought and sold. Yes, Lee — along with others — forced a president (Abraham Lincoln) to do all in his power to preserve the Union and end slavery.

(Indiana U.S. Rep.) Jim Banks voted to give the Trump family a $1 billion tax break. We need to have the rich get richer. He must agree. The rich can afford to pay $450 million for a painting. I can barely afford to pay $5 for crayons for my kids. My family loves to be at the poverty level. Get food from Community Harvest (of Northeast Indiana food bank). Go to Matthew 25 (Health and Dental Clinic). Shop at thrift stores. You are a real piece of work, Banks.

(U.S. Sen. Al) Franken and (President) Trump both groped women. Franken apologized. Trump did not. Franken wants an ethics probe. Trump does not. Trump voters and his supporters are the worst part of American society in the history of our country. Blindly voting for a man just because they hated the flawed candidate (Hillary) Clinton. Worse than the Klan, communists and criminals, Trump supporters are killing our great society, and they don’t care. Fools, all fools.

(U.S. Sen. Al) Franken was just following (President) Trump’s playbook when it comes to groping women. Now Trump says he is appalled. Trump has admitted to groping women, and Republicans don’t care. Elect Roy Moore so we can have more sexual predators in Congress. We have one in the White House, so the MOORE the merrier. It’s time to throw all the predators out, starting with Trump.

The inquiring mind from ‘Busco must get only one TV station, Fox “fake” News. Here are the facts: The bull market has been raging for eight years. Unemployment has been dropping for the last seven years. ISIS was on the run long before the (President) Trumpster got elected. Border crossings have been dropping for many, many years. Truth is not to be found in ‘Busco. Change the channel, lady.

Hey, (Indiana U.S. Rep.) Jim Banks: If you spent time at home, you would see that every weekend there are numerous fundraisers for accident victims, shooting victims and people with cancer. Why? Because they can’t afford health care. Instead of trying to remove MORE people from the insurance rolls by your vote for the tax increase, how about giving a damn about Hoosiers. You have forgotten your Hoosier values, instead kowtowing to your big corporate donors. Double shame on you.

(About) 29,000 children die every day in the world of starvation and preventable disease — 29,000. Let that sink in. I wish the anti-abortion people would turn their attention to saving the ones who are born. But no. They only care about the unborn who may only live one year or two. They only care about getting them born and then turn their backs on them once they are born. What good is life if it is constant misery? Anti-abortion people have their priorities all backwards. Save the ones who are born.

What’s worse? Someone from the Middle East plowing down tourists with a truck, or workers from Europe coming here, taking jobs from Americans and destroying thousands of families? Anti-union states in the South are killing the American worker, and Republicans want to try to degrade the unions even further. Can you live on $10 per hour? Republicans think you can. Vote them out of office.

In the 1950s, downtown Fort Wayne had already outgrown its parking needs! Let’s not make the same mistake in its rebirth! Pay more attention to the need of “CONVENIENT” and inexpensive parking needs, not overall parking count. Available parking is needed at “each” new venue not parking a mile away. Then Fort Wayne will become a real attraction!

The (Fort Wayne) City Council needs to take a drive around the city to see what needs to be done. There is more to Fort Wayne than downtown.

The city needs to be cleaned up before the river water.

Maybe if there was a curfew, there wouldn’t be so much crime.

If people want to “booze” on Sunday — hey — shop Saturday. Stores are open.

If people want to run for (elected) office, spend your own money. I wouldn’t donate a dime to put you in office to fill your pockets.

There has to be a lot of “pants” on fire with all the lies. You can fool some of the people sometimes, but not all the time. Watch the elections.

Politicians: Get back to helping the people that elected you — not each other.

It’s too bad that life is too hard for some that they have to rely on drugs or liquor.

Where do the homeless and unemployed get money for drugs and liquor and internet, etc.?

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