The Rant for Dec. 6, 2017

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(Indiana U.S. Rep. Jim) Banks, (Indiana U.S. Sen. Todd) Young and the rest of the Republicans have their hose out, and they are aiming it at the middle class, those over 65, and past and present college students with loans. Ain’t America Great Again!! You voted Republican, now you can pay the piper, literally with your hard-earned money. Open your wallets and give till it hurts, then give some more. That’s the Republican way.

NACS (Northwest Allen County Schools) Superintendent (Chris) Himsel is following the (former NACS and Southwest Allen County Schools Steve) Yager bible. Tax, tax, tax. … Now NACS wants to build a new school … . Enough already. I told them years ago to build the new schools bigger, but Yager wanted new tennis courts at Carroll. Vote no to this money grab. Live with what you have. We are taxed enough. You will be paying more taxes for 50 years because of mismanagement by both superintendents.

Does anyone really believe that Fox “fake” News has any journalists on staff. Their prime-time lineup is composed of alt-right, semi-communist, opinionated fools. Those who watch Fox “fake” News are the same people who are not smart enough to know when they are getting scammed. The same dolts who give out their credit card numbers to strangers, who buy gift cards to send to Jamaica, who think their grandkid was kidnapped.

For (Fort Wayne) City Council to go along on the purchase of land on Clinton Street is totally outrageous without seeing the cost to clean it up.The taxpayers of this city cannot keep paying for these kinds of decisions by our present political leaders. Once and for all, they have made too many decisions like this. We need to remember everyone of them when we go to the polls and get them out of office.

“It’s been a tough decision from the start.” – Tom Freistroffer, R-at large

“We’re getting dealt a really bad hand here.” – Tom Didier, R-3rd

“There is no ‘good’ vote. It’s very unfortunate the City Council has been put in this position by the administration.” – Paul Ensley, R-1st

“I’ve had about 100 emails, and probably the most pointed ones are always saying, ‘What’s the rush? … There is a risk. Why are we rushing through this?'” – John Crawford, R-at large

“In my six years in office, this is probably the most uncomfortable position I’ve been in.” – Geoff Paddock, D-5th

And those were the five councilmen who voted to APPROVE the purchase. None of this makes me feel better. How about you?

For those who are gullible (enough) to think the Brooklyn Bridge or the swamp in the Everglades are for sale, add the Fort Wayne mayor and city council for paying a premium for contaminated land that the rich owners wouldn’t clean up.

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) said the Republicans have to pass the tax bill to save the Republican party. Not to help the people, but to save the party. That is it in a nutshell. To hell with the people, they want to save their jobs and throw the rest of us under the bus. If you vote Republican, then you agree that the party is more important the the people. Are you pro-America, or pro-rich white men?

(Indiana U.S. Sen. Todd) Young and (Indiana U.S. Rep. Jim) Banks, who falsely ran on being fiscal conservatives, are both millionaires. They voted to give themselves a HUGE tax break and raise the national debt by $1,000,000,000.00. That’s a trillion dollars for you Republicans who can’t count. How can you be so dumb that you can’t see that you are eating soup and they are eating caviar and washing it down with champagne? They are both liars and guilty of theft of your money.

The Republican tax plan is the final nail in the coffin of the middle class. We will now have the rich and uber rich along with the poor and ultra poor. No more middle class. BTW (By the Way), we need to use (Gen. Michael) Flynn’s words during the Trump campaign to apply to his admitted guilt: “LOCK HIM UP.”

Kate Steinle’s (July 2015 fatal shooting victim in San Francisco) jury must double as Fort Wayne city council members.

Nice job on tax bill vote, (Indiana U.S. Sen.) Joe Donnelly. If you were concerned about blowing up the deficit, try spending less. You must have slept thru Econ 101.

The only way to stop the SEC juggernaut is to raise the entrance academic standards for football players up to the 12th grade level instead of the 10th grade level.

Indiana should (allocate) a lot more money to Child Protective Services to hire more social workers to handle more cases, if the agency is so overwhelmed. If there were more people available to take care of cases, MAYBE, JUST MAYBE, Baby Malakai could have been saved and others like him.

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