The Rant for Jan. 3, 2017

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When Mayor Henry was elected by the people, he stated that all Aboite residents would have “city” services. He is half right. When are Aboite residents going to receive city sewer! Our property taxes doubled and continue to increase, as does my sewer rate from a less than honorable private utility who only cares about making its wallet fatter!

My huge 2 percent increase in Social Security amounts to a grand total of $4 extra each month. Medicare made sure that it took care of that increase. I can’t wait to spend this huge increase. That is really exciting. But, wait, electric wants to go up 20 per cent, gas wants to go up another 20 percent, water wants to go up and garbage pick up is going up another $2 a month. On top of that, my medical and pharmacy increases also went up.

Thank you for the nastygram on my car claiming I parked too close. So glad you donate to St. Jude (Children’s Research) Hospital.

People are so lazy now, they are saying M&N instead of Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Push the button Kim Jong-Il. The world needs to be destroyed. Maybe in a million years, the next things to control the Earth will be anything other than humans. Humans are worthless, and they need to go. Push it now.

The goofball running for Senate who built his own business is an idiot. He says (President) Trump was right, we need conservatives in Washington. No one who votes to raise the debt by $1.5 trillion is conservative. Or give more money to the wealthy. Or cut education money for the poor. They are not conservatives, they are morally bankrupt goat intestines.

The next person who says, “I actually did”, or “this actually is,” I am “actually” going to punch them in the face. My younger colleagues talk like that. These are teachers who do not know proper grammar and they are “actually” teaching our kids. NACS (Northwest Allen County Schools) has the worst teachers in the state followed closely by SACS (Southwest Allen County Schools).. They are “actually” the worst.

People are worried that (President) Trump is going to bankrupt America. We were $20 trillion dollars in debt when Trump took office, (so) I would say we were already bankrupt.

All services provided are subject to the terms and conditions of JAT of Fort Wayne’s tariff, a copy of which is available upon request.

Hey ranters, leave (Indiana U.S.) Rep. Jim Banks alone. He is a combat veteran from the war in Afghanistan. While you were home drinking your Starbucks, representative Banks … (led “high-risk” convoy missions in Afghanistan). Representative Banks is a hero for donning the uniform and putting his life on the line … so we can be free. Thank you Mr. Banks for your service.

In 2016, military training deaths had dropped 32 percent during the previous five years. Training deaths have been on the decline since 1980, yet (Indiana U.S. Rep. Jim) Banks wants to waste $100 million on a non-event. More Americans are killed in industrial accidents every year, but Banks is not proposing to give them monies to solve the problem. Steal from us a little more Mr. Banks. Soon we won’t have anything left for you to steal.

So Nancy Pelosi says, regarding DACA people, “They embody the best in our nation: patriotism, hard work, perseverance.” Somehow she forgot murderers, rapists, thieves, drug smugglers, and so on. More Democratic nonsense. Fake news.

Charles Barkley thanked the Republicans for an early Christmas present, the tax cuts for the rich. Sir Charles said, “I’m going to trickle my fat ass down to the store and buy me a new Rolex, sorry poor people.” He is so right. Trickle down is just that, a trickle, while the rich are dealing with a flood. The fraudster in chief just put a billion dollars in the family pot. What’s in your wallet?

It is hard to be optimistic about the quality of Lutheran Hospital any more. How many more doctors will be leaving, and what caliber will be coming? I’m thinking about switching.

Parkview and Lutheran (hospitals) together donated … (nearly $38 million) over the last two years. On the surface, that looks great but dig a little deeper. That is $32 million that the patients were overcharged and the insurance companies paid out on. Those two hospitals will charge you through the nose for anything. As your out of pocket goes up because the insurance companies are paying those outlandish charges, the money men from both hospitals live the life of luxury at your expense.

You got your white Christmas; I hope you’re happy. Know what I got? My carpets are ruined, my back hurts from shoveling and the neighbor slid into my car. Merry Christmas.

I live in an addition where there are no curbs. Why is it that every summer I can work all summer to get grass to grow along the road and the first snowfall, the city plows the grass into my yard? This year, they only cut up 18 inches of the lawn.

Insecure, autocratic (President) Trump wants to rebuild the F.B.I. into his own Gestapo.

My apologies in advance to the Boys and Girls Club, Salvation Army and the Christmas Bureau. These are the charities that we always donated to. With the new tax code, we will have to curtail our charitable contributions. My suggestion is that you call Rep. Jim Banks and Sen. Todd Young and see if they will write you a check. Lord knows that they are rich enough to help out and pick up the slack.

Thanks to all of you dumb, poor people who voted Republican. My 401K is up over 20 percent, and I now have almost $1.5 million in it. I watch you get screwed while I reap the benefits of you voting for the wealthy. Next time I see you out having a steak dinner with your family, I’ll pick up the bill. Whoops, you would never go out for a steak dinner because you can’t afford it. Make america RICH again. Gotta love it. God knows I do.

“Believe me, I’m going to drain the swamp.” Yeah, right, you big, fat, yellow-haired liar.

Judging from the deplorable job the city did on clearing the streets on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, I guess the mayor isn’t planning to run for re-election. Or is it that all the money was spent on the downtown so there’s nothing left of our money for essential services?

I’d give the City an F- for snow removal on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I know it’s a holiday, but it’s one of the few important services we should expect for our tax dollars.

The ranter gives fake facts about unions. Lazy? Parkview, Lutheran and GM all on time and under budget thanks to union labor. No morals? GM and Dana employees donate tens of thousands to the United Way and for kids at Christmas. What have you done for your fellow man pal? You’re just mad because you washed out and could not hack hard union work. You are tired of asking if I want fries with my burger. Cleanup aisle 5.

To the ranter who thinks the Republican party claims to be Christians, and yet supported (President) Trump: They didn’t vote for him because they thought he was holy. The other candidate was so much worse, should they have voted for worse instead? It really was the lesser of two evils that some Christians were left with. Not voting isn’t a good option.

We have to call it Obamacare, because Affordable it is NOT. Affordable Care Act does not fit. The people who get it subsidized by the government have no idea how expensive it has become for the average person.

For the life of me, I can’t figure out why the anti-abortion people aren’t standing arms locked with the anti-war people. The U.S. has killed over 25 million civilians since WW2 (World War II). Babies, small children, innocents. Isn’t all life precious? And now (President) Trump supporters want war with North Korea. What is wrong with you people who support Trump and his idiotic ideas. Dead is dead.

We taxpayers have paid for the right-of-way, building, to maintain and to replace as needed our interstate highways! Now our over-spending state officials want to make us pay a toll to use them! Isn’t that double taxation? Only in America! Or should I say, “Only in Indiana?”

Has anyone else noticed how much (President) Trump looks and acts like (World War II-era Italian dictator) Benito Mussolini?

The traffic engineer has virtually turned north Coldwater … (Road) from a TWO-lane, ONE-turn lane street into a ONE-lane, ONE-turn lane street by adding all the unnecessary curbs. But at least as we sit in that inside lane and wait for the cars to turn into Coldwater Crossing shopping center, we can enjoy the trees and flowers that will be planted there. The traffic backs up almost all the way to Coliseum (Boulevard). Thanks for the great improvement to one of the busiest streets in the city.

Speaking of curbs: In the two years that Oxford Street has been finished, I have yet to see a SINGLE person actually cross the street in the pedestrian crossings that have been built. But from the scrapes, nicks and gouges, many cars and trucks have found them easily. Our city engineer has gone CURB CRAZY.

This is our first winter back in the Fort after 15 years in Arizona. When did the city quit plowing and salting neighborhoods? Why am I being charged neighborhood dues to pay an outside contractor to plow my streets? It’s been a week, and our streets are still like a skating rink. We pay taxes for city services. I expect to see plows and salt trucks come into the streets off of Dupont Road. Why is my city council person not investigating why we are not getting plowed? This does not happen in other cities. What council people are in the pockets of local businesses? Do your job, Fort Wayne Street Department.

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