The Rant for Jan. 24, 2018

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The right-wing termites are eating away at the foundation of our democracy. If the exterminator (voters) don’t do away with the termites, our house of democracy will fall into a pile of rubble never to be rebuilt. It is up to all exterminators to make sure that this does not happen. Vote to exterminate the termites in November.

Since November, (conservative talk-show host Sean) Hannity has been getting killed in the ratings at 9 (p.m.). Maybe (Bill) O’Reilly should write a book called “Killing Hannity.” The louder he talks, the more viewers realize that, if you have to yell, you are not telling the truth.

The bad dude from Warsaw needs to stop watching Fox “fake” News. He thinks (former President Ronald) Reagan’s trickle-down economics worked. Reagan tried to kill a recession with MASSIVE government spending. During Reagan’s presidency, the national debt almost tripled and the U.S. went from being the world’s largest creditor nation to the world’s largest debtor in under eight years. Those are facts dude, not fake facts from Fox (News). You have been duped.

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