The Rant for Jan. 31, 2018

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Maybe more people would get flu shots if they didn’t keep showing needles going into people’s arms. After watching hundreds of needles being injected, it is enough to make anyone nervous and a little queazy.

I have no sympathy for the fraud that was committed to BAE (Systems) by its now terminated employees. The company did not do its due diligence from the very first. This speaks more of BAE and its very lack of management.

Turn on your lights! This is a shoutout to all of you who drive with your headlights off near dusk, early morning and when there is a lot of fog You have a 25 percent less chance of getting into an accident when you drive with your headlights on!

Since Fort Wayne politicians overly taxed our factories for every penny (captive audience), now they are using TIFs (Tax Increment Financing districts) to cover their mistakes! If only they had appreciated what industry we “had”!

Now that corporations have their low tax rates, there should be no need for granting them tax abatements. Make them pay their fair share.

Remember when new businesses used to bring new tax money to the community? Now Fort Wayne taxpayers pay to bring new business into the city, only to have the tax money that’s generated go to TIF (Tax Increment Financing) districts for the sole benefit of the business. It’s past time for a change.

With the river flooding in France, it would seem Paris is in Seine.

I have faith in our Hoosier politicians, passing a medical marijuana bill that will have so many loopholes in it it can be sold in grade schools and candy stores! Medical use a joke! Probably be able to get it delivered with the paper!

People start charities, and other people fawn all over them. … They don’t deserve your accolades.

I live in a split neighborhood, LaCabreah. My next-door neighbor did not have to pay the $20 city wheel tax that I had to pay because he lives in the county, but we use the same streets to get to Dupont (Road) to get out of the neighborhood. We also have four trash trucks per week using the streets instead of two because the city and county pick up on different days. … The city has no answers for me.

Buckle up, Lefties! Your world is about to be rocked! Pay attention now, … corruption is being exposed. Listen and learn.

Caleb “Biggie” Swanigan got terrible advice. Sure he’s rich, but another year at Purdue (University), and he would have played for a national championship and been worth millions. He is playing in the G league and riding on buses instead of airplanes. The kid was 19 and his mentors told him to go pro. Shame on them. Another kid who will end up playing in Europe ruined by greedy adults.

Mayor (Tom) Henry and his lucrative dealings have done nothing more than create more debt. The contract between the “City” and Aqua Indiana is not in the best interest of the taxpayer. Paying Aqua Indiana $125,000-plus a month to accept city sewage. The $67 million the city paid to Aqua should have covered the cost of the Midwest Plant Expansion and the acceptance of any City sewage. Who foots the bill you ask — Aboite ratepayers. Is there another rate increase looming? Most likely.

The historic building deserves to be saved if the owner wants to! But not at the expense of the taxpayer! The taxpayer doesn’t get anything out of the investment. The future profit benefits only the owner; taxpayer ZERO! Don’t give me the civic pride bit!

To the ranter stating Social Security is an entitlement, you are correct in the legal sense of the term. When you meet the qualifications for benefits, you are considered eligible. When you file for benefits and get approved, you are legally “entitled” to those benefits. You stated the first people to receive benefits had paid nothing or very little into the program. Actually, even though Social Security was signed into law on August 14, 1935, taxes were not collected until January of 1937. No payments were made until that month. From the time the program was set up until present day, benefits have been distributed out of past payments into the program to current recipients.

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