The Rant for Feb. 7, 2018

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All Democrats should have missed the State of the Union message! They aren’t representing all of the citizens anyway! They are letting the “party” lead them around, not the voters. They should vote their state, not the party.

Well, well, not to be outdone by the “Hollywood elite” at the recent Golden Globe awards, the music industry put forth their own hypocritical support for female victims of sexual assault or harassment at the recent Grammy awards. This is an industry that has for decades and continues to be the epitome of female “sexploitation” — rap and hip hop being the worst offenders, but good old rock-and-roll is right there, too. All you need to do is pick up a biography or autobiography of many famous bands or solo artists, and you can read how women are used for pleasure or whatever the need be at the time. Gee, now the Oscars are next. I can’t wait to see if their hypocrisy can top the other two award shows.

With the help of a World War II veteran and a Korean War veteran, I took my flag, that I had flown for over 40 years, down at 11:59 on Jan. 20, 2017. They presented it to me in the diamond fold. It sits on my mantel and will not fly again over my property until this draft dodger is out of office. God willing, these two brave men will help me raise the flag again when a true American is back in the office of the President of the United States.

(President) Trump’s feeble attempt to say that MS-13 is so bad failed. The domestic gangs the Bloods and the Crips have killed 100 times as many people as MS-13. Just another attempt to blame Mexicans for all that ails us. Eighty years ago, another narcissist leader said the same words about the Jews. Trump has his own final solution. The extermination (deportation) of anyone of Mexican heritage.

There are hundreds of different religions out there. and all of them contradict each other, so how could any of them be the truth? You can believe what you want, but that doesn’t make it the truth. Think about it.

What a powerful and positive State of the Union address by President Trump! What a refreshing change after eight gloom-and-doom years of (President) Obama. But, the Dems (Democrats) looked like a sad-sack bunch of creeps. They only are happy when the country is down. How disgusting that our “leaders” act so childish. Trump IS making America great again.

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