The Rant for Feb. 28, 2018

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Republicans keep using the tired old mantra that we have to keep these weapons out of criminals’ hands. Most of the mass shooters were not criminals until they pulled the trigger. THEN they were criminals, and it is too late. The carnage had already started.

The 2nd Amendment says a “well regulated militia.” Every state has one called the National Guard. Name one militia that is armed and is sanctioned by a state or the federal government that is not associated with law enforcement or the military. There is none. When that phrase was written, there was minimal military ability in the U.S. Now we are the best in the world. Mom and Pop are not going to fight a war for us with their weapons.

Way to go NRA: Listen to your leader. His way to solve the violence in schools is to have an armed guard in every elementary middle and high school in America. They would certainly need to carry a machine gun. Maybe, in large schools, you might need several armed guards. Maybe we should also put a wall around each school with razor wire on top to make sure that no one has access through the windows. Truly then, we will feel free. Yeah for freedom.

Democrats are going to take over the House this year and possibly the Senate. When that happens, you better pray to God that we have at least one Democratic Senator. If not, this red state is going to get jack squat from Washington. This is one Republican who can see the writing on the wall and knows what it means. I will be voting Democratic for the House and Senate in the election.

So many people need the flu vaccine and so many of them — many of them children — have a phobia of needles. When they talk about getting the shot on TV, it seems they always show a close-up video of a long, thick needle going into someone’s arm. I think this is keeping people from getting vaccinated.

NRA quote we would love to see: “The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun, is if he never had a gun in the first place.” I won’t hold my breath waiting.

Wayne LaPierre, the head of the NRA who made over $5 Million in 2015 and never served in the military, keeps calling to make schools “hardened” targets. What? Schools are not Fire Base Charlie, nor are they the Green Zone in Iraq. They are schools. They would not be “targets” if him and his ilk would just take combat rifles off of the streets. The NRA is at war with the rest of America, and it is a war we cannot lose for the sake of our children.

It’s time for AARP to get a dog in this fight against high-powered assault rifles. We are 38 million strong. Raise my dues so we can get these politicians that are beholden to the NRA out of office. I’m 76. I know that I will die soon, but I don’t want my grandkids and great-grandkids to have to live in fear of a person with a high-powered rifle trying to kill them. It’s time for us old codgers to get back into the fight.

What would our Founding Fathers think if they knew that 27 words would bring down the Republic that they fought and died for? Twenty-seven words will be the end of the Republic. This next civil war will not end well for America. You have Generals on the right and left. You have Admirals on the right and left. They all have weapons of mass destruction at their disposal and troops that will follow their orders. Hug your kids tonight, there may not be a tomorrow.

We have an opioid problem because there are too many opioids. We have a gun problem because there are too many guns. Is this so hard to understand?

Congress pulls the pharmaceutical heads to Congress because America is over-prescribed. Then pull in the NRA heads because America is overwashed with guns. Fifty thousand opioid deaths and 36,000 gun deaths. This does not compute.

There are 100 gun deaths per day in the U.S. That is one 737 (airliner) crashing every day. Would we not be on the airlines to figure out what is wrong? Then why are we not doing something about guns in America? The NRA has blood on their hands and so do all the politicians who will not take a stand against guns. They will take the NRA’s money, but they will not protect you.

When one station, Fox, attacks another, CNN, it is because the attacking station ratings are dropping. That is why most news is one-sided. But we all must be aware of what side is winning. Right now it is the liberals. And the tidal wave of anti-Republicanism is happening. Can’t we all get along as Americans? Or is media going to divide us where we can never be united again?

(Indiana U.S. Rep.) Jim Banks makes a big deal over a company giving employees a 50 cent per hour raise. That works out to a $20-per-week-before-taxes raise. Wow! Now we can buy another two cans of soup per week. This from a man who makes over $3,000 per week and only works 150 days a year. Thanks, Jim. Now my kids can at least have hot dogs once a week.

How is adding trillions to the national debt conservative? How is taking health care away from millions conservative? It’s not. All of the groups that start with American in them, Americans for Prosperity, American Family Association and on and on, are all ultra-right-wing groups. They in no way are conservative. They are all about lining their own pockets with your money.

Instead of wasting money on a military parade to placate Ol’ Bone Spurs’ (President Trump) narcissistic ego, why not use it to secure our schools?

How can we “Loan” Legacy money to a project, but the borrower doesn’t pay it back? Taxpayers, through “TIF” (Tax Increment Financing district), repay the money to the Legacy Fund! That’s a “loan”? Sounds like a gift to me! The borrower doesn’t pay back? Funny financing to me! Plus, how many times are we loaning out the same Legacy money?

Has anyone asked the teachers about this idiotic idea of arming the teachers? They have been surrogate parents, now they’re the police! Will they get combat pay? If this goes through we will see a flood of teacher resignations.

The resource officer who was too chicken to go face the shooter in the Florida school should not be able to retire with benefits. He did not do his job. He should be stripped of any retirement that he had accrued and also charged with a crime. The kids were 1,000 times more brave than he was.

(Indiana U.S. Rep.) Todd Rokita says we have “The God-given right” to own guns. Can’t find that in my Bible. Maybe foolish Rokita thinks that guns were around when Jesus walked the Earth. How do these morons get elected in Indiana? That statement is a pure lie. No two ways about it, just a bald-faced lie from an idiotic Republican.

It has been over a month since the BMV (Bureau of Motor Vehicles) moved to its new location on Bluffton Road. Several of its websites have still not been updated. I’m not surprised that it was late issuing a permanent license to the mayor. I’d make the BMV pay the ticket.

I do not want some CRAZY grandpa with a handgun and an AR-15 thinking that he will protect my kids at North Side High School. He should be arrested if he sets one foot on school property. The Oath Keepers are a bunch of Johnny Law wanna-bees. Ex-military, … . If the school board does not get a handle on this right now, my kids will transfer to Dwenger (Bishop Dwenger High School). How do we know that he is not some deranged madman? Just because he wears a vest with a patch. And how in the hell did he get an Allen County badge?

When I was young, the first sign of spring was robins in the yard. Now it is shapely women in yoga pants. Thank you Lululemon. I know that the robins will be here soon.

Just because you are a Republican politician in Indiana, it doesn’t mean that your seat in Washington is safe anymore. Us young people will vote, and we will vote against violence. You are either against violence, or you are against us. We are talking to you, (Indiana U.S. Rep.) Jim Banks and (Indiana U.S. Sen.) Todd Young. Protect our lives, or protect your big donors. You make the choice, and you better choose wisely. We will.

Florida executes a prisoner who had been on death row for nearly a quarter century. How does it make that state any safer? If you can contain someone that long, he might as well get life in prison.

I will never forgive President Jimmy Carter for boycotting the 1980 (Summer) Olympics. My cousin trained for years but was not able to go because Carter boycotted over the Russian invasion of Afghanistan. The U.S. invaded Afghanistan in 2001. Carter did not have any remorse that he kept hundreds of athletes from competing in the 1980 Olympics, but he was all in for our invasion of Afghanistan. Carter gets the silver for worst president, but Trump gets the gold.

What’s up with the USPS (U.S. Postal Service)? On Feb. 17, I received a birthday card postmarked Jan. 18. On different days, I received a damaged unreadable bill and outdated advertisements from businesses that had expired offers.

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