The Rant for March 7, 2018

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Let’s solve the gun issue once and for all. When you are born, you leave the hospital with a little goody bag. A pair of booties, a nice bonnet or hat, and a Glock (handgun) registered to you. That way everyone is armed throughout their life because it will be the law that you have to keep your firearm with you at all times. That should stop the killing, because everyone will know that everyone else is armed.

I sure hope that Tobacco Free Indiana is going to protect me from second-hand spray cleaners. Always in my office, people spraying and cleaning everywhere. Walking through clouds of cleaning aerosols in department stores, movie houses, office buildings and schools, not to mention bars and restaurants. Get on the ball anti-smoking groups. Time to save us all.

Congress wants to finally improve (gun buyer) background checks! Here in Indiana, our politicians (Republicans) want “gun toting” – relaxed – carrying permits! I guess they are trying to appease one of their financial “donors.”

Let’s stop catering to a minority of crybabies and bring back God and prayer to the public (school) classroom. It’s the lack of God and prayer that has led to shootings in Littleton (Colo.), Newtown (Conn.), and Parkland (Fla.).

Where are the tax returns of Donald J. Trump? Does anyone really believe that you can be under an audit for three years? The man is a scammer and is taking millions from the American taxpayers. His whole family is corrupt. History will find out that Trump was the most crooked president in history. A billion here, a billion there, he doesn’t care because it’s not his money, it’s ours.

An ill-informed ranter believes that the National Guard is the entire state militia. Article 12 of the Indiana Constitution places all citizens over 17 in the state’s inactive militia. Federal law (10 USC 311) recognizes an unorganized militia for all males between 17 and 45 who are not members of the National Guard. Gun up, people. You are in the militia.

Funny how people who condemned Bill Clinton as too unethical to be president now give (President) Trump a pass. Selective morals. Unbelievable, and not funny at all.

Telemarketer: “I’m calling to make sure you still have pain.” You bet! So long as you keep calling me!

It is difficult enough being a senior citizen — living on Social Security — (because) everyone takes advantage — telemarketers, garage mechanics, etc.

What a waste of time and taxpayer money about the sale of alcohol on Sunday. Stores are open on Saturday. Just another day of alcohol-related accidents. For shame!

Now some elected officials are wasting time and money debating about a law to allow marijuana — legally. Alcohol and marijuana — wonderful combination. Wake up when the alarm goes off.

If you have to take a drug to get through the day, then life is too much for you. Get a backbone.

Let the people in the USA who don’t like it here switch places with the immigrants who died to come here. Check out their country, try it out. Then try to get back in the USA. Good luck!

Some immigrants have been here for years. Why haven’t they applied for citizenship? Then why should they? They get all the perks the government has to offer.

Thinking about another hotel downtown? They need a drug store and a grocery store first.

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