The Rant for April 11, 2018

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Why don’t (the politicians) restore the Electric Works (project) in phases, making it affordable to the taxpayers and the contractors? Prioritize using the contractors that have funding in place and are available for projects!

If you want to get rid of drug dealers, put out a reward: From $1,000-$10,000, with half paid out when charges are filed (and) the other half upon conviction. Drug users would sell out their mother for $10,000. The current war on drugs has not worked in the last 30 years. Time to try something else, unless you want to keep wasting money with no results.

All we need to see is (President) Trump’s tax returns, then everyone would know the real reason he loves (Vladimir) Putin. It would all be laid out like Thanksgiving dinner with Putin at the head of the table, Russian bankers in prominent seats and the American people at the little kids’ table. Tax returns will spill the beans on Trump.

The reason (President) Trump loves Russia and China is because they have presidents (dictators) for life. Trump wants to be a king and a dictator. He already has the references because he is a demagogue.

Big sigh. I am so tired of the media lies about the Israeli/Palestinian situation. First, there was no mass exodus of Arabs when Israel became a nation again. There were only a few, and they were not calling themselves Palestinians yet. Second, they were not kicked out, they were invited to stay and some did (they are Israeli Arabs) and others were told to go by the Arabs who planned to attack Israel. And most of them have no right to that land: God gave it to Israel, and he always had a remnant still living there along with those few Arabs. He promised to gather the others back, and so he did. Those who bless Israel will be blessed, those who curse Israel will be cursed. And Israel is just trying to protect their nation and people and do as little harm as they can.

Why is (… a chain grocery store) the only store/liquor store that will ask for ID when I purchase beer? If one appears to be under 40, by all means, card them. A minor inconvenience, to be sure, but pushing 74, … (anyone) could see that I’m over 21.

Pay attention voters. The Republican game plan is to fill Congress with military people. That way they decide when it’s time for martial law. … Once military, always military. White House, generals and admirals. Trump wants to control the country. The Congress was supposed to be civilian members, not military members. Once they take over, there will be no citizen participation.

What you see around the country needs to happen in Indiana. As gerrymandering goes away, the Republicans who can’t win a fair race on the issues are leaving Congress like rats leaving a sinking ship. It’s time for Indiana to give ALL voters a say in who they elect. David Long, now retired, had a stranglehold on the state legislature. Give us free elections now. It is the American way.

A letter writer states that Fort Wayne Community Schools is now in the business of competing for students. Not much of a competition when student families are getting paid by the state to go to other schools. The state is using my tax dollars to send affluent kids to private schools. That is not what the program was intended to do, but then the Republicans got their hands on it and, as usual, ruined a once-worthwhile program. Thanks, David Long.

The FAILING president of the United States takes all of the credit when the stock market is climbing. When the market is tanking because of his ridiculous tweeting, he doesn’t take any of the blame for that. SAD!

How many personal identity breaches (thefts) in total across the USA? I bet it’s more than one to one.

Once again Trump snatches defeat from the jaws of victory. The markets were humming along and the minimal, middle-class tax cut had kicked in and then, WHAM. He opens his mouth and starts a trade war. There went your tax cut, your investments are tanking and now Hoosier pork producers are going to lose. Next, it will be soybean farmers, and (U.S. Rep. Jim) Banks and (U.S. Sen. Todd) Young still support Trump 100 percent. SAD!

If students are smart enough to go to college, … send them. Imagine all the special programs the smart kids enjoy. Teachers need to concentrate on the average kids to give them a chance to succeed, instead of remaining average throughout their HS (high school) career.

Todd Rokita wants the police to be able to arrest people if they are not speaking English in public places. I hope that he never has to go to a hospital. Many of our great doctors use English as a second language. I think that Rokita is just too dumb to ever learn a second language. Hell, our First Lady speaks four languages. Is he going to have her arrested? Rokita is a moron.

… (A Fort Wayne social service agency) only stops child abuse and neglect if the marks are visible. They won’t acknowledge mental health needs/neglect of children.

Being spring break, I took my kids to the Coney Dog Cafe that got 4.5 stars from the food critic in … (a local newspaper). The ripper was burnt and as tough as shoe leather, the kids “hot” dogs were cold and the fries were undercooked and limp. After going back to the counter to speak my displeasure, I was told by the young lady, “Oh, well, we are really busy.”

The only way to get back on track with our president, and I use the term loosely, is to impeach him. Then he will realize that there are rules and regulations that make up our democracy. Maybe he can be a good or even great president, but not as of now on the path that he is going down. I want him to succeed but he has to be straightened out like a wayward teenager. Tough love is the answer.

ALL Republicans are so far right-wing that they don’t even have ethics anymore. Can’t you see what is happening to our democracy? The Republicans are killing it.

Daffy Donald (Trump) started a trade war. All wars have casualties. The losers in this war will be the small investor. Your investments will take a major hit, the layoffs will begin by the end of summer and we will have a recession by 2020. At least by then Americans will see what a loser Trump is, and he will be told to hit the bricks. Can’t wait.

Spring is in the air and a lot of homes are being listed as for sale in Fort Wayne. What I wonder about is when a listing includes a basement as square footage but has no egress windows whether it has been remodeled or not. Or the bedroom that has no closet, then it is not a bedroom. Or the Fixer Upper where each room has black mold. Water in a crawl space or basement does not make it, “DRY”! Maybe the paper can do a story on these misconceptions, especially for first-time home buyers and people new to the Fort Wayne area. Most of the property listings I have viewed are very deceiving. Buyer beware!

We have been in a trade war for years, and we have been losing to the tune of $300 billion a year. How could it get any worse?

Being pro-life and pro-guns is an oxymoron. Save babies so they can be killed by gun violence or become killers themselves. What idiot thinks that those commercials work? Can’t one politician tell us what he is going to do to help us instead of using tired old catchphrases? Well, the answer is no because the voting public is as dumb as a post.

I saw on Facebook that Courtney Tritch wants America to have only electric cars. I guess she doesn’t care about my job at GM making trucks.

… (A local) noon fill-in news reader needs to go back to school. When he “me-nounces” “ambalance,” “libary” and “Valentimes Day,” he should get off of the air. My 4-year-old pronounces words better than he does. Better yet, someone tell him about Google. It will say the word for him, but that is assuming he knows how to spell. How did he ever get a reading job?

The pro-life people should be called unplanned parenthood. A high percentage of unplanned or unwanted children become the victims of parental abuse. Why is it OK for these children to have to suffer injury or death at the hands of parents because the so-called religious right think they are above the law. Terminating a 6-week fetus is better than killing a 6-month-old, no matter how you look at it.

I hope that all of you farmers who voted for (President) Trump enjoy the coming trade war with China.

My God! These people are coming from Central America because they are fleeing murder, rape and being sold. Children as young as 10 being sold to be sex slaves. Do we have no compassion for these people? If the United States, the richest country in the world, does not care about 10-year-olds being raped then, what will history think of us? So sad that this is what we have become: A country that will not protect children.

Once again the TinCaps manager Anthony Conteras showed his ineptitude to be a manager. He was a marginal player and is a marginal coach. If Fort Wayne wants to be a winner, then San Diego has to give us a real manager, not a washed-up player. My kid’s Little League coach knows when to make changes to win and still teach the kids. Conteras has no clue. Another season of crappy coaching.

The “Legacy” monies were from the sale of City Utilities. Why not put that money into the “utilities tunnel” being built and save “ALL” Fort Wayne taxpayers from some additional rate increases? After all, it was utility money anyway! Oh, I guess it wouldn’t help line businessmen’s pockets!

Very disappointed and slightly embarrassed that the head of a local neighborhood organization held a public meeting to spout his personal grievances with an area project, as if speaking for the whole group. His proposal was soundly voted down by the vast majority of members present.

The billionaires running Washington don’t care if your investments go down or if you work two jobs to get by or that everything you buy will go up in price. When (President) Trump says “the American people,” he really means “all of my rich cabinet members, the rich members of my golf clubs, my family and friends.” He does not care one iota about honest, hard-working Americans. If you still believe he does, then you are a fool.

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