The Rant for May 9, 2018

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Democrat Courtney Tritch’s campaign is a joke. In order to win a CONGRESSIONAL race, you have to campaign in more than just the big city in the district. It’s fine, though, because I don’t want her Chicago-style politics representing me anyway.

Robert Armstrong is a HORRIBLE county councilman. He is a fake conservative. He likes to call elected officials names and publish mean pictures of them if they disagree with his views. Elected officials are supposed to be held to a higher standard and Armstrong falls very short of this standard. (I am a Republican voter.)

I cannot wait for the day when Mayor Tom Henry is no longer mayor of Fort Wayne. As we have seen lately, he is not a good man. He is a mean, sexist pig who thinks he is dictator of this city.

I saw the new credit card parking meters being put in downtown Fort Wayne this week. THANK YOU City Clerk Lana Keesling for bringing us into the 21st century! This is something that should have been done a long time ago!

I received a letter mailed 1st class from Pittsburgh postmarked April 9 on April 17. It was informing me that a dear cousin was gravely ill and did pass within those 8 days. I am very sad and distressed that I missed the funeral, which I most definitely would have attended just 50 miles from Fort Wayne, because of snail mail. USPS is really snail mail as the saying goes.

The Assessor’s Office needs some transparency when it comes to figuring how a property is assessed. I live in a house that is identical to many others in my neighborhood. My house increased in assessed value, the other house showed a decrease. Also, how is the Supplemental Homestead figured? Mine is $12,000, but another neighbor might be $30,000. You can appeal – (I) have before and it gets you absolutely nowhere. Part of the calculations are based on homes that have sold – that is an unfair assessment. You are wrong, and they are right. Show taxpayers the math!

Here we go again. I am a voter and want to pick candidates by what they plan to do when elected, if elected. Once again, the Republican candidates are lowering themselves in my mind by telling me what their opponents didn’t do or “won’t do” instead of what they will do. Do the leaders of either party realize that this is not helpful and helps to make us voters doubt that we want any of them in office?

Your taxpayer money continues to fund Parkview Field. If San Diego cannot give us players who can compete at the A level than we need to find another major league ownership that cares about Fort Wayne. I am sick and tired of them saying that we have the youngest team in the minors. How about the oldest team that can win championships. It’s your money, taxpayers.

The right to life people need to do just that. Get a life! You are flogging a dead horse. Now someone running for a township seat is supported by Right to Life. What the hell does that have to do with running a township? No federal money is spent on abortions. Tell the truth people. Abortion is the law of the land. Spend your energy doing something productive like feeding the poor.

We left Huntertown, our hometown, years ago because it was silently inferred that Democrats weren’t welcome at council meetings and would never be elected to town council. You can learn a lot about a small town by going to local restaurants and just listening. Huntertown is a white, Republican town full of nepotism that is not all inclusive of all people. Buyer beware.

Arming teachers and adults working at schools with (chemical spray) mace will deter shooters. … Cans are made that can shoot 30 feet.

… (A local TV station) had a feedback question about the teacher walkouts and some moron blames it on the unions. We teachers are using our own money to buy supplies for YOUR kids. You never show up at meetings, you won’t get involved in the PTA or even in your own kids’ education, but you criticize our union. Your kid says you never help with homework or read with them. You are a loser.

Indiana pro-life Republican politicians keep passing laws that they KNOW are unconstitutional and then we have to spend MILLIONS of taxpayers dollars on court cases that taxpayers will pay for and lose. Vote against every pro-life candidate. They spend your money like it is endless. The cost of the last lawsuit could have paved 50 miles of roads. Maybe you like potholes and crappy roads because you sure don’t understand the constitution.

If the NRA does not act now and support a ban on semi-automatic weapons, then in 40 years, your kids and grandkids will ban all weapons. They will be the first and second generation that had to deal with school shootings and gang warfare in their cities. Act now before they get in power or risk losing the ability to legally own guns. As sure as the sun sets, this will happen.

Thank you to our courageous City Clerk for standing up for the rights of the city and county employees who have dealt with Mayor Tom Henry’s bullying for years. None of us can come forward without losing our jobs. We have to put up with it. … Look at all of the top staff leaving. Help us in the next election by electing someone with integrity and honesty.

The first Republican president, Abraham Lincoln, waged war against folks who were fighting against the United States government. Now the Republican White House and the Republican Congress are waging war against the U.S. government. Abe Lincoln must be spinning in his tomb!

Talk about fake stuff. Any woman who wears makeup is embarrassed by the way they look naturally. The cosmetic industry preys on women’s insecurities. It’s so sad that you have to hide behind a fake wall of makeup. If you lie about your looks, what else do you lie about.

The Israelis wonder why the Palestinians hate them. The Israelis are doing to them what the Germans did to the Jews in World War II. Gaza is basically a concentration camp with Israel controlling what goes in. Only this time, the Palestinians are fighting back, …. Mostly with sticks and stones, but still fighting for FREEDOM!

Did you notice the slick move by Assessor Stacey O’Day? Look at your new assessment and see that most of the tax assessments went up 10 percent. No one came out and looked at your house, they just put in a random increase. Did your house go up 10 percent in value this year? I don’t think so. There goes your tax-cut money from Washington. Gone. In fact, now you are losing money.

(Fort Wayne City Councilman and Republican mayoral candidate Dr. John) Crawford says he wants Republican principles in the mayor’s office. Why? So we can become Gary, Indiana Jr. We have full employment, high property values, great companies moving here. A booming downtown. Four major hospitals with a fifth to come, three professional sports teams, two great universities. Infrastructure is being repaired, new buildings and hotels going up. What’s not to like. Thanks but no thanks, Mr. Crawford. We are doing just fine without you.

How would it change the country/world if, instead of emphasizing and looking for the hateful things in the world, we started to look with gratefulness for the good that is here? I think it might make life a bit happier, and we would find out that things are not as bad as they are made out to be.

These people (politicians) who claim to represent us are nothing more than long-planning their own agendas, either by promised future jobs or monetary rewards. A very easy and quick fix to future bill amendments is a 30-day advance addendum period. If all the changes are not in by then, the bill cannot be amended for this year or session. That way all debates both pro and con can be addressed because all know what is in the entire bill, and can be passed or vetoed during regular session.

You are staunchly anti-immigration but yet you love baseball. Where do you think most of the players are born? It sure isn’t in the USA.

Why do we have to borrow $17 million for an additional 225 car parking … (garage expansion and acquisition of a downtown block) and “give” away millions we have on hand to businesses to promote their agendas? Taxpayers deserve better!

When I was in school many years ago, we were assigned an essay. To that avail, we used resources that would validate our essay. When handing in the paper, the teacher would grade the paper based on the information and the due diligence we used in researching the paper. If a non-worthy or unsubstantiated source was used or there seemed to be plagiarism, we would receive a failing grade, a lower grade or be asked to redo the assignment. There was NO need for the parents to be involved in the decision of the teacher’s grade or remarks about the paper. What is the point of having teachers conduct classes if they have parents questioning their work? It has nothing to do with a political viewpoint (obviously, the parent) but the facts that were deduced from the source about the article. This parent has to step back and think about what an example he is setting. Is this about his being on the “Fox & Friends” segment (bragging rights that he was on TV)? Is it about what the content of the assignment was? What is his agenda?

Schools and their dress code policies for graduation. There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with a student wearing their military uniform during graduation. School districts also use the tool, “We have a dress code policy.” I have yet to see any dress code policy enforced during a normal school day. Spandex pants, leggings, jeans with tears all the way up to the buttocks, skirts barely covering buttocks, sagging pants, slippers, pajamas, are a normal day at school. This is more of a culture issue with school administrators. Do as I say, not as I do. If all schools actually had

uniforms, then you can say you have a dress code. Not allowing students to wear their military uniforms during graduation is a crock!

Not a rant of much importance, but why do people block the public sidewalk when parking in their driveways? Must be too lazy to park in the street. Since most rants have so much to do with politics, I assume both parties are guilty of this.

God intended sex to be something sacred between one man and one woman in marriage without artificial birth control. If our politicians, Hollywood and others would abide by that, we would not have all these harassment and assault cases, broken families, abortion and other problems.

Funny how one Fort Wayne Community Schools high school wasted our tax dollars on new signs in the parking lot. Signs say, “Staff Parking Only,” “Student Parking Only.” Arrows giving direction, of course. Makes me wonder how much money was just wasted but, more importantly, it speaks volumes about students not reading and following directions. This is our future folks! Lord help us!

The $221 million for repair of half of the GE project (Electric Works) sounds like a better deal than $105 million proposed by the mayor for a 3,000 seat arena further downtown! But maybe both are being overpriced for profit margin!

What do we pay our city traffic engineers for if they’re not bright enough to realize the completely unnecessary “No Turn on Red” sign at Parnell Avenue and St. Joe River Drive? They need to be making getting around town a little easier, especially with construction in full force.

People better wise up and quit voting these “quacks” in office solely on the abortion issue. There are many other issues at hand which are very important. Abortion is something between a woman and God. Look at the mess America and the world has because people are voting on one issue only, which doesn’t even belong in the voting booth. Let God handle those who choose abortion.

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